Saturday, November 15, 2008


She saw Perseus come in the door.
Another adventure, (or so he said).
He dropped his stuff all over the floor,
Tracked up the kitchen and went to bed.

This morning she cleaned his bloody sword.
His coat was ruined and cut to shreds.
Both were covered with scales and gore.
(Why can’t he get a job, instead?)

She couldn’t believe the shoes he had.
They were winged! She nearly lost her brain
When they came flying at her face.
(He’s been spending time with that Hermes again.)

He warned her not to open the bag.
That the thing inside would turn her to stone.
She told him not to worry his head.
She was paralyzed by the smell alone.

He told her about his new girl friend,
Andromeda. And—there was something weird.
He asked her to polish his shield and then…
He put on his helmet and disappeared!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's the first anyone has ever pointed out to me that Medusa's head probably started to stink pretty bad after a week or so. Ugh!

We have to pick up shoes around here on a seemingly constant basis, but at least if we put them in the basket by the door they stay there, and don't fly around. But our sons do seem pretty adept at the disappearing trick, so we have that in common.

Liked the poetry -- please keep it up.