Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Here is a continuation of the list of valuable information that I started on November 02.

* Never turn your back on the ocean, especially if you are between it and the sea wall. * Don’t kick cow pies even when they look dry. * Singing helps me ski better. So does screaming. * Put the rocks in before the sand. * A good compromise leaves everybody mad. * It is not a good idea to get between a man and his fire. * Always walk or ride your bicycle facing oncoming traffic. That way when they fill out the accident report you can tell them what hit you. * When children are crabby put them in water. * Don’t lick the spoon that serves the salsa. * When it hits the fan it will not be evenly distributed; even the innocent usually get splattered. * Two a.m. paranoias are reduced greatly by daylight. * Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity. *If you are observant you can see Nature do some pretty spectacular things. This will usually happen when your camera is not ready.

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Kilauea Poetry said...

"Compromise does leave everybody mad but too many don't understand that! Two a.m. paranoias are reduced greatly by daylight". these are great as well as the camera not being ready!