Friday, July 24, 2009


A few years ago I raised some midnight purple hollyhocks from seed. They are perennials, but they don't bloom until the second season. When they finally produced flowers they were gorgeous. They looked great with the pink and yellow hollyhocks I had already planted against our house. One of my sons dubbed them the "Holy Hecks." The next winter the dark flowers (as well as other dormant garden plants) were sacrificed to the backhoe gods to bring the return of water to our house.
So the next spring I planted more seeds. Two years later they have filled in nicely as the delphiniums began to wane. But I think these seeds were crossed with some magic beans!
They have grown over ten feet tall! I had Thomas pose (not easy) in front of the flowers to give a reference size. By the way, Thomas is huge as cats go.
So far no giants have climbed down the super tall flowers, but I have my ax ready just in case. Holy Heck!


Janie said...

Holy Heck is appropriate. Those things are beautiful, but huge!

Anonymous said...

The hollyhocks I planted are in their first season, so no flowers yet, and not very tall. I've just renewed our rental lease for another year, so time will tell. Yours are just beautiful!



Hollyhocks seemed to disappear here for a long time but are gradually showing up in gardens again.