Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SIDE TRIPS part eight—Linda Sue

My blogger friend, Linda Sue, told me where to meet her in downtown Fairhaven. She was accompanied by a four-legged character with big brown eyes and a fluffy mustache.
She had her camera ready and got me to pose by a fun mural painted on one of the buildings.
I forgot and left my camera in my car. We spent a couple of hours visiting and wandering through stores. I met her friends at The Blue Horse Gallery and she took me to her studio where she makes curious and extraordinary sculptures out of felted wool. Photos of them are on her blog. We returned to downtown and I got my camera.
As luck would have it, Wednesday was their day for farmer’s market.
The produce stands were loaded with the freshest, most beautiful fruits and vegetables
I think I have ever seen.
Since my trip to take art classes had become a sight-seeing tour, Linda Sue suggested I visit Orcas Island. She had just come back from vacationing there and recommended the place highly. I was soon back at the ferry landing with a ticket for Orcas. I called Hubby and told him I had changed my plans and was going to visit the San Juan Islands. “San Juan! That’s in Puerto Rico!” “No, no. San Juan ISLANDS…in Puget Sound.” An hour before we departed my car was parked in line with all the others waiting for the ride. I sat for a while wondering what to do with my time. I got out and took a few photos. When I got back in my car I immediately knew I had stepped in a fresh doggy dump. By the time I‘d gone through half a packet of tissues, a package of wipes and some hand sanitizer to clean off my sandal it was time to drive on to the ferry.


Linda Sue said...

DOO DOO! Euwww! Your trip becomes more hilarious as you go! Is this how your life usually goes???

fifi said...

Those baskets of fruit are spectacular! And making me hungry!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I looked the San Juan islands up on the map - they look fascinating - are we going to see them on your blog. I think Margaret at Thousand Flower lives over there too - may be you will see her at one of the markets.

Janie said...

Great mural and fun farmer's market. The doggydoo was unfortunate, though.
My sons spent a summer working on San Juan Islands. We visited and had a great time.