Friday, August 28, 2009

SIDE TRIPS part ten—Orcas Island

As with the rest of the Puget Sound area, Orcas Island is lush with vegetation and forests. This is due mostly to months and MONTHS of rainy weather.

The high point on the island is Mount Constitution

which tops out at 2,409 feet (735 m).

There is a paved road to the top with a lookout tower at the summit open to the public.

If there were no rain or fog or low-lying clouds I suppose from that spot you could see all the way to the Cascades and Mount Baker to the east, the Olympic Peninsula to the South and, maybe, once in a while, all the way to Mount Rainier southeast of Seattle. Jobs on the island are mostly involved with the tourist industry. There are several small towns with souvenir shops, dining places and art galleries. There are also resorts, golf courses, marinas, inns, cottages, and high end bed and breakfasts. While on the ferry I had gathered up some brochures and a map of Orcas. My cell phone reception on the island was poor to none. I found a spot where my phone worked in the driveway of a resort in the woods. I made a few calls looking for lodging and finally decided I was wasting my time trying to find a bed for the night at a reasonable price. Evening filled the trees with shadows while I talked on the phone.

Little black tail deer walked boldly out into the meadow to graze. Soon it would be dark and I had no place to stay. Fortunately on Orcas Island, a large area --5,200 acres-- is set aside for Moran State Park. There are plenty of camping areas with rustic but clean public bathrooms with running water. I paid a fee for a camp site in the darkening woods with all the other campers. The bathroom was within walking distance with electric lights and not stinky. I brushed my teeth and stuff in the bathroom and went back to my car. With a little work I got out the cot mattress and sleeping bag I had packed just in case. I flipped down the back seat and soon had a cozy place to stretch out and rest for the night. Sleeping in a Subaru Wagon is not too bad when you are short of stature and long on weariness.


Linda Sue said...

What a TROOPER! That's the spirit! the deer look like ...dinner...

Janie said...

The scenes and the deer are beautiful. You could always have raspberries for breakfast.
Sleeping in the car's not so bad when you're weary.