Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The BIG Fair--Things to See and Eat

Idaho Russet Potatoes
Hot homemade bread and honeybutter
Scones a.k.a. Tiger Ears--your choice of topping Fudge!

Things to do at The BIG Fair---next time


Janie said...

The homemade bread and honey butter makes my mouth water!

Bill S. said...

Oh, the Blackfoot Fair. Almost 30 years ago we lost our four year old daughter at the fair and looked for over an hour before we found her. I have been back a few times, but it is rare that I go. We did go last year and the food is a heart-attack waiting to happen.

Great pictures.

Country Girl said...

Wow! I love a good fair.

Laura said...

Tiss the season for Fairs? We went too on Sunday, but ours was much smaller than your BIG fair.

What your fair called Scones; our fair called Elephant Ears

Love your new header as well.

Linda Sue said...

Buckin Awesome!
We missed the fair this year, but not much...

The Weaver of Grass said...

What a fantastic Fair Leenie and what scrumptious food - it all looks so enticing. Wish I had been there.

Anonymous said...

This looks such wonderful fun.
This is the joy of blogging
you can visit all sorts of different parts of the country
much better than the newspapers full of doom and gloom

DayPhoto said...

Yummmm! There were somethings there I would LOVE to eat!



Lots of small town fairs in our area of the world now that September has arrived.
I could visit one or more every weekend til Thanksgiving ( Oct 12 )

Anairam said...

My goodness - those pumpkins are HUGE! Locally we have teeny weeny ones - I always suspect that our best produce is exported, and we locals are stuck with the leftovers! PS The moleskine is a make of notebook. See http://www.moleskine.com/
They come in all kinds of sizes and formats - I have a small concertina one for my doodles - with lovely thick creamy paper. I also use their diaries. Bit pricey over here, but I like them!

Woman in a Window said...

Now the eating is definitely something I can relate to.