Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A very important young man in my life brought me his favorite book.  It was the second time he had checked it out of the library.  It was full of fun pictures of monster trucks, semi trucks, and construction trucks.

Then, there was this pink garbage truck with a female name.  I wasn't sure I liked the trashy female truck.  In fact I was a little insulted.  Had a little Emily Litella moment.

Oh!  Pink garbage trucks are for breast cancer awareness.  That's a good thing.

That's different.  Never mind.

Thanks Linda Sue.  Thanks to all pink garbage trucks.


Anonymous said...

Anything to raise awareness about Breast Cancer. The trucks are a great idea. One of our Australian test cricketers Glenn McGrath lost his wife Jane to breast cancer a while ago. It is wonderful to see our cricketers and attending fans wearing pink on special occasions to raise funds for the McGrath Foundation which does so much to help this cause.How wonderful to see the trucks you've featured, raising awareness in a big way!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea!! I've sent you a link to a British website for things related to a popular childrens' programme 'Bob the Builder' - some of the things might appeal to your special boy!!

Leenie said...

Thanks, Anne, this young man is already a member of the Bob the Builder fan club. I haven't watched it much, but I've heard the theme song sung with much gusto.

Flea said...

The idea of a trashy pick truck does leave a lot to be desired, though. A recycle truck - that would be different.

Linda Sue said...

I think that the colour pink gets attention particularly on the garbage collection truck because it's sort of an oxy moron, and these big hefty dudes jump out with sleeves rolled up around huge bicepts popeye style and smile at you, fully supporting the women in their lives who have been slammed with breast cancer! It's a lovely thing indeed.

DayPhoto said...

Some people we know painted thier antique farm tractor pink. In awareness for Breast Cancer. They go to all the tractor shows with thier pink tractor. Pretty cool.


Unknown said...

Garbage trucks are too big for anyone not to notice, and using these trucks to build breast cancer awareness is indeed a great and efficient idea. Aside from it’s size, and the fact that it runs on a routine schedule, its color -- which represents all the women afflicted with breast cancer -- will definitely catch the attention and interest of many people.

Jamaal Mccune