Saturday, April 10, 2010


Our home is always storing stuff for people in betweens.  At one time a magnetic poetry kit --words printed on magnetic backing--lived at our house.  I found it fascinating and challenging to work with a restricted  vocabulary.  The following are a few poems that resulted.


Rotten snow rusts.
Gardens and forests still sleep.
Wind’s iron fingers smear shadows.
We ache inside
Homesick for spring.


Our feet beat fast away from
Repulsive smells,
But tongues want to recall
Pounds of sweet chocolate.

True power
Springs from love
Not strong.


You could stare beneath a forest
Flooded with purple shadows
And white mist.

Rain like diamond juice
Shines through
A rose petal garden.

Water chants a symphony
Sunlight swims in a lake
Of green music.

Some say these visions
Are only produced
Behind smooth sleep.

Yet together
We can easily dream
With language.


Bill S. said...

You have more talent than any 10 people should have. Great post.

Linda Sue said...

Oh GAWD! "rain like diamond juice" and 'green music' Your head- I want to crawl inside of it and live there! I have never seen anything remotely as cool as these come out of our poetry box- we suck!You....sigh....marry me.I insist.

Anonymous said...

We have a set of food related words - I feel a foody poem coming on ......

Elizabeth said...

Very poetic!!!

You are very talented.
I have a "DOG" magnetic poem set but have lost mot of the words except

I once had a student teacher who made her Mom and sisters spend the w/e cutting words out of newspapers so the
students could make poems by glueing words on paper.

Actually it was a BIG hit with reluctant learners but
what a waste of a w/e

pity they could not have had the kids cut out their own words......

Krista said...

I just have one magnet on my fridge. It has a little pig on it and it says, "Step away from the fridge." Poetry is much sweeter than pigging out.

Anonymous said...

magnetic poetry. what a fun idea.

Maude Lynn said...

These are really, really good!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Nice piece here!! I really like this-

Jill said...

You do have a gift for words.
I particularly think your March verse is heartfelt.

kendalee said...

The place I'm in at the moment has the fridge disguised as a cupboard so nowhere for my magnetic words to live but I loved them when they were around and look forward to unpacking them again one day. I've never, ever produced poetry like this with them though. Wonderful! Just wonderful.