Friday, April 9, 2010


This morning I shot a duck in my overcoat. How he got in my overcoat I’ll never know.
The wind was gone, which was a very good thing. Last night it blew so fierce I almost ended up in the next county just trying to cross a parking lot.

I took my camera with me on my walk. I know, I know--it always makes me late.

The sun eased its way over the mountains.

I almost got trampled by a runner.

Morning. Tah Dah!

And the moon faded to pastel blue.

Nobody on the golf course. The snow hazards are still a little discouraging.

On my way back to the house I noticed a lot of people driving to work.

Work? What time is it? UH oh!
Short shower again this morning. At least I have a new hair dryer.


Bill S. said...

Great pictures, especially of my son-in-law running next to the airport!!!!!

Linda Sue said...

I did not see the duck in your coat but I reckon that you shot him and he sank, sorry about your coat...Great shot of the moon and jet- poetic!

Flea said...


You crack me up. I came here hoping to see a duck in your overcoat.

Jill said...

Great to share your walk so many thousand miles away, spring is on its way - honest.
(Ducks should know better than to take peoples coats)

Anonymous said...

Snow!!! We have a lovely day here, warm and sunny with the same forecast for tomorrow ..... Malcolm is even talking about cutting the grass!

Elizabeth said...

So good t get out early in the morning before everything gets dull and tired.
Happy weekend!

Laura said...

That last picture has got to be the worlds record of telephone poles in one picture. Man! that is alot of certainly do have a nice variety of scenery during your walks. I see mostly the same stuff; just different wildlife on occasion. Fields and Trees is all I see. How long do you walk before work to see that much variation?