Monday, May 31, 2010


Early one morning a few days ago I walked back to check on the osprey nest inhabited by a Canada Goose.

No goose was sitting on the nest, and there was nothing unusual on the ground below. However, I could hear the peeping of baby ducks, or maybe goslings. I followed the sound across the tracks where I could see the pond.

The only thing visible on the water was a flock of pelicans just waking up.

I could still hear the cry of baby ducks/geese, but the air was quiet and sound carries a long way across water so I couldn’t zero in on the location. I followed the road to a point where it went between the river and the small lake.

Then a hawk flew overhead and all bird sounds ceased.

You know how they say it’s bad luck when a black cat crosses your path?

It can be even worse luck if the “cat” is BLACK AND WHITE.

Totally unconcerned, this skunk was on his way to find breakfast.

(Sorry if these photos are a bit out of focus. It was just here that I realized I was in a really bad location.)

So Mr. Le Pew stops right in front of me (using my 70-300 lens here but still within the danger zone) and he decides to spend time digging up something yummy like an ant hill or a few grubs.

The pelicans are smart enough to swim away.

The hawk leaves. From somewhere I hear the quiet sounds of adult Canada Geese murmuring.

The skunk ignores me. Then it starts to rain.

I turned around and walked home the long way. So, I’m sorry, we’ll never know the fate of the silly goose and her babies. But at least we can hope for the best.

Two days later I biked by the empty nest and saw an osprey perched there looking like she was cleaning up after some untidy renters.


Krista said...

I think those kind of black cats crossing your path are especially bad luck! Great pictures!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh wow..what a fabulous ride Leenie!! As usual- a great narration.. Really delightful images! I love the pretty reflections in the, what a crew- Hope those babies all fared well.
Ya, the skunks are classic and I'd take them serious too!! Have a wonderful day-

Anonymous said...

Fortunately we don't have skunks here!! I hope the babies are safe and well. Super photos and lovely story to go with them!!

Jill said...

I do love to share your walks round your neighbourhood - you always find something interesting to look at.

DayPhoto said...

I had one of those cats walk right around the foundation of our house just sniffing along...shocked the daylight out of me because I was not but 10 feet from the teenager hanging out clothes.