Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Grand Teton National Park borders Yellowstone National Park on the south side. You know you’re really there when you see the ridge of the Teton Mountains rising from the valley like hard, sharp carnivore teeth.

The weather was stormy so we couldn’t see the top of Mt. Moran (named after a pioneer artist whose work convinced the people in Washington D.C. that the place must be preserved). The clouds also obscured the 13,770 ft (4198 m); crest of The Grand Teton (The Big Breast) named so by love-starved French Trappers.
"The Grand" on a sunny summer day
I would have called it The Fang, but that name wouldn’t have been as useful for joke tourist tee shirts—“I love Grand Tetons!” or, “Not All Tetons are Grand.”

The Teton Mountains are visible from our home in Idaho. And if we wanted to go home we had to cross over Teton Pass or take the long way around.

It started to rain.


It was a good thing DH was driving, and also that we would be traveling on the side of the road against the mountain.

There was plenty of snow on the sides of the road and heavier rain as we went UP.

Confidence builder.

At the top there is quite a view on a sunny day. You can see halfway across Wyoming to the east and halfway across Idaho to the west---but not this time.

This is not a theme park ride. People die on The Teton Pass almost every year.

Not as much rain past the summit. Everything is downhill from here.

Just when condtions started to look better we see Road Damage.

Fortunately the mud slide didn’t cross the road.

We’re not in Wyoming any more.



Jill said...

Wow, what a road! Makes our local chalk escarpment look like the proverbial pimple on an elephant!!

beth said...

those hills and mountains....well we don't have those here, so to me they are wondeful....mudslides and all :)

Krista said...

Wow - I didn't know that's what Tetons meant. Maybe a great shirt that says "Save the Tetons from erosion." Maybe I just need a shirt like that.

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos Neener...I don't remember that road being so dramatic but I was probably in the back seat with my dumb brother punching me in the arm every time I crossed over to HIS SIDE! Oh and being car sick because my dad smoked with the windows up.
Thanks for taking us on a good ride! The mountains take my breath away!Glad to be back in tater land?

frayedattheedge said...

Wonderful photos of the mountains. I think on some of the road I would have had my eyes tightly shut (unless I was driving of course!!)

Lucia said...

thanks for the tour it was funny and informative...I'm a new follower now! Take care!

DayPhoto said...

Oh, how I love the the Grand Tetons! It has been years since I was there...Thank you for bringing me memories of that glorious mountain range!


Deborah Moore said...

You weren't kidding when you were talking about the rain. I love the picture of the swervy car.
I guess some awesome pictures have to be earned through death defying feats.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are both awesome and scarey! Thanks for a great post Leenie, and taking us along.

ThirdCat said...

I'm so happy I found your blog...we did a trip through there many, many years ago without really meaning to (long story), and it is one of the most remembered landscapes in my mind.