Friday, June 11, 2010


I had some birdseed that was too big to fit through the openings in our bird feeder. It was full of kernels of corn, peanuts and sunflower seeds. So I put some in a bowl on a rock in the garden for the squirrels. This is what happened next.

Grosbeak found a big bowl of birdseed in the garden. “Oh my!” she said. “This is good. I will eat it all myself.”

Tanager came. He said, “Grosbeak, may I eat some of this seed?”

“No! No!” said Grosbeak. “It is mine. I will eat it all.”

“There is too much for you,” said Tanager. “You must learn to share.” “No! No!” said Grosbeak. “It is mine. I will eat it all myself.”

Tanager flew away to eat bugs on the lawn.

Blackbird came. He said, “Grosbeak, may I eat some of this seed?”

“No! No!” said Grosbeak. “It’s all mine. I will eat it myself.”

“You are very selfish,” said Blackbird. “There is too much here for you. You will not be happy if you eat all this seed.”
“Yes, I will, “said Grosbeak. “It is mine. I will not share.”

“If you eat all this seed you will get sick. Then you will swell up and explode into LIT-TLE TIE-NEE BITS,” said Blackbird.

“LIT-TLE TIE-NEE BITS?” said Grosbeak. “OH MY!”

“Yes,” said Blackbird. “You should learn to share.”
“I think you are right, “said Grosbeak.


Anonymous said...

Do you think if I tell my kids to share and tell them if they don't they will explode into TEENY TINY bits, that they'll learn share?

Amazing pictures!

Anonymous said...

My Mum always said - 'people who ask don't get' .... so maybe the other birds should have waited until it was offered!!

Jill said...

a wonderful photo story Leeny, you have brought tears of laughter to my eyes. I hope Tanager came back for his share.

Kilauea Poetry said...

These are excellent with some delighful narration! That yellow and orange one is a cutie pie..but I love their expressions!
The fire at Yellowstone sounded devasting..that kind of thing does take years to come back! We had one in our National Park (Volcano) but it wasn't nearly as's a lot better now.
My inquisitve fish post was meant to be funny but thats what I get for many of the posts I do blog about! Don't take me too serious ( least all of the time) lol..I was actually going to make that one about (Trout Pouts) ha ha
Anyway, I would love to see those pretty fish like you did!


You really should print this into book form and as gifts to your grandchildren and any other young child who wanders by.
Loved it.

Anonymous said...

Just delightful Leenie! Loved it!xx

Carla said...

You need to write a children's book! Wonderful narration and photo captures. :)

Jeannelle said...

Clever bird tale and wonderful photos!

Linda Sue said...

tanager too pretty to fight...I love this fiesty story...after all they are raptors...

Unknown said...

Looks just like what happened at our house last night when I made cookies.... Teenager "I will eat all the cookies!" other teenager "Not if I can help it.. I will smack you into Little Tiny Bits!" Still another almost teenager "I stole the cookies... hehe hee and run away while others are fighting needlessly!" Little nine one "I am going to starve in this house" Littlest one of all "GOO!"

I agree that this tale should be published!

Krista said...

ADORABLE! Love the Tanager, too. Some just will not eat leftovers no matter what!

Anairam said...

I love this story! You should bind it into a book! You can do an entire series ... oh, my brain is popping with ideas now ...

DayPhoto said... should write children's books and use your photos and art to support your stories. This was amazingly well done. I thank you very much!

Two THumbs Up

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi, I"m here from DayPhoto's blog.... She recommended this post to me. I love my backyard birds too---and enjoyed seeing yours (along with your creative captions)... The Tanager is gorgeous... I have never seen one.

Thanks for the wonderful visit.