Saturday, December 25, 2010


We've had a wonderful holiday.  
But I think I've overdosed on chocolate.


Sarah said...

The first one is reacting just like Cassie! I took catnip mice home to my Mum's cats and they loved it. Lily loves paper like Thomas. Happy Christmas! x

jeanie said...

Merry Christmas to you from a very wet Paradise!!

Anzu said...

Hi Thomas ♪
Have fantastic holidays with your family. ☆*~゚⌒('-' *)⌒゚~*☆
Although I can understand your fun of rattling the wrapping papers, please let me know why cats prefer ribbon or rapping paper or box than a present for them. Funny ♪

Anairam said...

I overdosed on trifle. Your photos are so funny, especially since Snous also made herself comfortable on the unwrapped xmas wrap on xmas eve - I should have taken a pic. I was wondering why animals do this? Often when I spread something on the carpet - for example paper or fabric - Snous will go and lie on that thing. Weird. Merry Xmas to you too. From US in SA!!

Flea said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the first photo with captions! Merry Christmas, Leenie!

DayPhoto said...

Cute fun wrapping paper toy for your cute cat/kitty!

Happy New Year!