Saturday, December 4, 2010


When the wind isn’t blowing, a walk to work in falling snow is good fun.
  Although crossing streets is a little chilling, especially in a town
 where college students are still learning to drive in slick white stuff falling from the sky.

 But I wear my knobby treads and give the traffic lots of room.

Even though I promise myself to allow extra time to enjoy the expedition,
 I never quite do.  So I have to hurry along without the spare moments…

 to look at my footprints.  Or to kick trees…

to see how much I’ll get dumped on.  
I did stop to snap some quick photos with my little pocket camera.

Snowy weather keeps aromas close to the ground 
so I savor the scents of fried chicken coming from the grocery deli, 
and the heavenly fragrance from the donut shop.  
It’s all I can do to walk by the bakery …

 where I can see back through the store to the warmly lit kitchen.
There they are preparing dough for cinnamon rolls and whole grain breads.

On I trudge through the softened morning light. 
All sounds are muffled.
 Even the big trucks hauling sand to spread on the intersections 
whisper by.

The city crew has decorated the streets for Christmas 
and the snow adds to the holiday look.

 I sneak some photos of a resident artist putting final touches on a window painting. 

 She gets extra work this time of year when merchants are in the mood
 to fork out a little additional cash to bring in shoppers.

“The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats is a wonderful children’s book.
 It’s a Caldecott Medal winner from 1963 and is still a great story to share or give.


Anzu said...

I can't help dropping into a bakery shop. Cinnamon-rolls is my most favorite bread.(^▽^)ノ◎ヽ(^▽^) ♪
And moreover, I like Ezra Jack Keats who is a wonderful painter for children's book. I used to find the time to read his picture books for my daughter. Her favorite is "Peter's Goggles" ♪( ´∀` )└◎◎┘ I like second and third image. Thank you for sharing fantastic story and pictures.

Bill S. said...

Great post that fits Rexburg - totally.
I am afraid we are in for a real old fashioned winter. Hopefully we won't miss too many days of school and work.

Anonymous said...

A lovely walk with you. Sadly, we no longer have a baker on the High Street .... and the 'in store' bakery in the supermarket just isn't the same!!

Linda Sue said...

MMMM- forget about getting to work- pop in to the bakery - see if they need something cinnamony.I do like your winter worthy shoes! And the illustrations of the little red kid!

TALON said...

Loved your walk, Leenie. I know I couldn't pass that bakery without stopping - the aromas must be amazing. I love the hush that follows a sort of wraps the world up...

Anairam said...

Sweet book! I still remember the very first story book that I was given as a small child. The illustrations (of a little French boy on his way to school) will remain with me for ever.
(PS Oh, for a white Christmas. It just ain't the same in hot weather...)

Pearl said...

My favorite is kicking the accumulated snow from off a car's wheel wells.

And THAT'S how we party in Minneapolis. :-)


Elizabeth said...

Window painters rule!!!
We got a few flurries today
but you have the REAL SNOW!!!
lots of love

word verification: crypyho

I think Linda Sue would like that one!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh this was neat..I wish we had a really good bakery here! We used to but it closed down over a year ago..Rice is the big thing over here but sometimes nothing will do but fresh baked bread. I haven't baked any in awhile but plan to soon!
I enjoyed all the snowy pic's and like the story book images you included too:)

Janie said...

Sounds like a good book for the grandkids. I've somehow never read it.
I'm imagining the cinnamon roll scent. It's very real.