Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Roosters are loud alarm clocks. Unfortunately, they only work at dawn and their only off button is an ax.  When DH and I were vacationing in a location so tropical that we slept with the screened windows open, we learned about several other feathered alarm clocks.  They had no consideration for those who wished to sleep past sunrise, and there were too many to invite in for dinner.

Some of the rowdy birds were kiskadees.  
There was no rest with these bandits around. 

The little guys are related to fly catchers and are very agile in the air.  
I saw three of them gang up on a poor butterfly, 
 follow its every evasive maneuver and make a meal of it.

According to info I got on the web these birds are omnivorous.
They eat about anything from snakes to seeds.  
They wear their black mask with honor as they 
steal berries and dog food from their neighbors.

They reminded me a lot of a jay or a kingfisher 
with their big head and aggressive attitude.

This one had pilfered a berry from the shrubs near our place
 and was doing his best to juggle it down before one of his cohorts 
arrived to compete for the juicy meal.

It wouldn’t have made me feel too bad if 
he’d got that fruit stuck where it silenced his wake-up call.


Maude Lynn said...

He sure is pretty, though!

Anonymous said...

Ah Leenie, that kiskadee doing his best to chow down the berry before others arrive, reminds me of myself with a little chocolate something or two from the supermarket!

Anonymous said...

...have just seen the calling cards in the snow in your last post.Has now put right off chocolate coated raisins. My family thanks you...and the moose.

Linda Sue said...

What a cool bird! Great capture! Books arrived today YAHOO! Looking forward to a day of reading, xxxooo
Thank you a whole bunch!

Regina said...

That looks like a big dog food kibble! What a colorful little thing with the bright red berry- nice series!! I know of some roosters who got shot right out tree!! (heh heh)

The Weaver of Grass said...

But you have to admit he is very beautiful (seen from a distance where I can't hear him in the early hours of the morning.)

Buttons Thoughts said...

Beautiful shots. What a cute bird.

Anonymous said...

In the summer, we are woken in the mornings by what seems to be a million sparrow chicks, chirping to be fed!

Sarah said...

He may be a bit of a pest but he is cute nonetheless! Great name too.

Mrs Catch said...

What a pretty little bird. But, yes. Little twitterers can be very hard on post-dawn shut-eye!

TALON said...

Gorgeous shots, Leenie! I've been trying to capture the chickadees, but they flit and flutter so fast I haven't managed yet.

The kiskadees are lovely. I like birds with attitude :)