Friday, February 11, 2011


(More stories of our ten day visit to the Yucatan in January 2011)

We didn't bring back a lot of souvenirs from our trip.

Mostly because we spent a lot of time doing nothing but this.

 I did bring back a few watercolor sketches.  

We stayed in a little guest house called La Casita Sombra
behind a big condo right on the beach.
No one was in the big house so we were given the run of the patio,
the hammock and the beach chairs.  

 A short walk down a path from our bungalow put us up to our ankles in coral sand.

 We could see sailboats taking advantage of the warm breezes on the sea.

Most days the weather was passing clouds and always warm temps.
There was never a big rain storm, but there were occasional brief showers.
One time I left a painting in progress to make a visit to the loo.  
In that short time a cloud opened up with liquid sunshine.
I could hear the rain through the open windows and ran out to save my painting.
Fortunately it was just enough under the shelter of the patio.

We got supplies in the little town of Akumal.  It has a beautiful bay
sheltered from wave action by a coral reef.
Canons used for defense in earlier times point out toward the open water.

 Coconut palms shaded our beach.  We found a coconut in the sand one morning 
so DH took it inside and opened it.  We mixed the milk with fruit juice and drank it.
Then we dug out the fresh coconut meat and ate it. Yum!

The people who were staying next door offered to buy a couple of my sketches.
I said I'd think about it.  I know they could have paid good money because they mentioned
owning three homes.  They asked what gallery I had my work in.  I told them,
"The Box Under The Bed."


Linda Sue said...

Oh Leenie- the paintings take me there! You have captured the tree spirits precisely! They are GREAT! That painting of the young woman in a ball cap reading is so realistic-
I have envy- of all sorts-your painting- just sends me into raptures.

KBlack said...

Oh those are great. I love the ones of the trees!!

TALON said...

"The Box Under The Bed" is a very exclusive gallery, I've heard :)

Your artwork is beautiful, Leenie. You captured the essence of your vacation beautifully and will always be transported back every time you visit your gallery. I can see why they wanted to take home your artwork to transport them back to such a beautiful place.

Regina said...

Well this sounds like a fabulous trip! Of course I enjoyed the art.. Images on canvas- and I'm sure why these folks wanted to buy one. Well the pinata's below post are some of the prettiest I've right about that. The skulls too..and honestly, I'd love to see a lady hand roll a cigar (I could probably handle a few puffs too for fun) lol) Glad you were able to take such a nice trip and share these colorful captures and work with us!

susan m hinckley said...

Your watercolors are beautiful! I'd just love to know more about you -- such an enormous bag of talents you have.

You probably should have offered to paint your neighbors something, but I don't blame you for wanting to keep the gallery under the bed fully stocked. Those paintings are better than any photos or even your memories -- lucky kids you have, when the box's contents finally get passed around.

moondustwriter said...

your work is beautiful - my team is always looking for artists to feature. People feature for different reasons - my goal is that young people can aspire to create by the encouragement they receive.

think about it

my email:

P.S. I was at Talon's site and that's how I found you :)

Anonymous said...

Your paintings are fabulous - so much better than photos on the computer that you rarely look at. Your work needs to change galleries, to 'hanging on the wall'!!

Deborah Moore said...

It sounds like you took home the best souveners of all, your glorious paintings. I love the fact that you guys ate a fresh coconut that was lying there, it sounds wonderful.
You inspire me to keep at my writing and illustrations.
You are amazing.

hobosfromubobo said...

Thanks Leenie for giving us a beautiful taste of your holidays with these delightful watercolours. Must be nearly time to open "Box Under the Bed" to the public

Buttons Thoughts said...

Dear Leenie I love your artwork I love the name of your gallery LOL.
You are very talented.
I would love to see the sun that looks like a beautiful trip.

DayPhoto said...

You should have sold them...paid for the trip. You are really very good!


Sarah said...

Your watercolours are so beautiful! So full of sunshine and warmth it is the next best thing to being there. The box under the bed indeed! I hope not too many are in there!