Monday, March 7, 2011


Many thanks for all your kind wishes and promises of prayers for my scheduled operation.  I seriously can feel the lift that comes from all your thoughtful considerations.

We went in this morning for pre-op consultation and paper signing.  While we were there my doctor informed me he didn't like the results of one the tests.  He wants more information before he, "opens Pandora's box."

So today I got to put on a hospital gown and take a ride through the CT donut.  Tomorrow (wooohoooo!) colonoscopy.  This is not my first rodeo for this little procedure.  Not expecting much sleep tonite. Gonna be totally crapped out by tomorrow morning.

Friday will be another consultation with tentative plans for surgery NEXT Tuesday. Wish me luck for the ending of this moving-of-the-goal line game.


Butternut Squash said...

LUCK, LUCK, LUCK! I will say a prayer to. Be well and think healthy thoughts.

TALON said...

Please know I'm wishing you a ton of luck, Leenie! And a soft toilet seat :)

Linda Sue said...

Great- that'll give me time to go cold turkey on Nyquil and be well enough to spend every waking moment thinking about you. What kind of deal is this anyway- found something he wants to check out...he must have a crush on you- just wants to spend more time with you, is my guess.
You will be receiving a pre get well card before you actually need it. colonoscopy- I had one of those and it was so fun! Erik has had two! Love the "forget about it" drug...

Linda Sue said...

"He didn't like the results of one of the tests" - he must be a real stinker- a hard grader- I don't know if you should be lifting your paper dress for him- he sounds like he is difficult to please...just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

The best of luck with everything Leenie - sending good thoughts your way and a big hug too as you
"grapple with the knack
of a closed gown at the back,
knowing you're dealing
with bits that are revealing
in spite of tugs and covering
with medicos who are hovering
To uncover bits that should be hid
If the gown did
what a good gown did."
I'll be thinking of you for the rest of the week and next Tuesday.

susan m hinckley said...

The only thing worse than surgery is surgery DELAYED by a few more tests. So sorry for this turn of events, because there's nothing I hate more than a rolling delay on my worry deadline. We'll just keep sending good thoughts your way! (Thanks for that cartoon in my week -- very funny.)

Jill said...

Very very best wishes. I had this op many years ago and while convalescing at home I was upset that the kitchen floor was so mucky. Don't worry about it said my dear husband - you can do it when you're better!

Anonymous said...

Oh rats!! You get yourself all organised ..... and it doesn't happen. We'll look on the bright side, and that maybe the further tests will show that you need less done, not more!!

Sarah said...

Oh no! Good luck! You should really give yourself a big reward when all this is over!

Flea said...

Oh good lord. Colonoscopies are the worst invention EVER. God bless, woman!

DayPhoto said...

Sending PRAYERS!!!!