Friday, March 25, 2011


The more one does and sees and feels; the more one is able to do,
and the more genuine may be one's appreciation of fundamental things
like home, and love and understanding companionship.
Amelia Earhart
"Home on Orcas" watercolor sketch by Eileen Black 
It gets so boring at home.  
After all, how many reruns of
Abbot and Costello movies
can a guy watch on television.
Bud Abbot

It's snowing AGAIN!


Flea said...

I love your watercolor. I'm sorry you're homebound and snowed in. Any good books to read? I'm in the middle of Gilead and highly recommend it.

DayPhoto said...

You are so amazingly talented! Beautiful! I'm so ready for sunshine!!


Buttons Thoughts said...

I love your watercolour you are so talented. The sun will shine and you will be out running in the grass soon enough, rest and be happy OK. B

Linda Sue said...

OH LEENIE that painting is awesome indeed! You rock it, sistah! Why don't you come back up here and teach a workshop- We could rent cabins on Orcas...Even if it's just you and me! Hope you are healing nicely and not being too bored by the process...SNOW? NO!!!! it is dark and raining here and it sucks but better than radiated drinking water, I suppose, so, I am not going to complain...much.

TALON said...

What a beautiful painting - I want to climb in there and bask in some sunshine.

I hear you on the snow - it's getting really really tiresome! We're staying just below the freezing mark so it's not budging, apparently, until next week! EEK!

Hope you are feeling stronger every day, Leenie!

Carla said...

Oh no!! Snow, snow, go away, come again another day (next year!!).

Beautiful painting.

Do you have Netflix? If you do, you can get instant access to all sorts of movies and TV shows. Hubby and I have been watching 30 Rock, since we didn't see seasons 1 and 2.

Maude Lynn said...

Love that painting!

Jill said...

Just get out those watercolours Leenie and create your own world.
The sun is already shining.

Sarah said...

Love your sketch! How boring to be stuck in but at least you will be warm! How long is it until you will be up and about again do you think? I hope it is soon.

susan m hinckley said...

I feel your snow pain, Leenie . . .

Your watercolors are so beautiful! But you know that. Some day I hope you'll turn them loose on the world -- I'll be first in line.

Regina said...

Geeze, this made me snicker a little but again, I can imagine how you feel! Well that's a lovely watercolor and the quote is great.. now if I can just get to does! (lol). I ..we, got a weird bug (no runny nose, no chills, and what you'd think would accompany a cold- just utterly run down? What can I say..this too shall pass
(ha ha). Well I do hope your OK yourself..wishing you a peaceful cozy weekend- (keep warm too)! Btw), those Cardinal's flitting about your bird feeder will be forever frozen in my mind)- serious:)