Friday, April 8, 2011


There was a window of an hour or so of sunlight between storms. 
Even then the wind made the walk to the Nature Park pretty brisk.

I took some stale bread because I knew 
I’d be mobbed by the mutant ninja ducks.  
The wind was keeping them close to the ground.

They were happy to come and beg for a handout.  
Note the bizarre coloring that's resulted from 
combinations of wild and domestic waterfowl that live at the pond.

Plenty more ducks came running at the sight of food.

 The bread was pretty dry and chunky. 
 I was surprised how fast they could gobble it down.

The geese thought they were above the ducks.  
They came right up and asked for their own personal fare.


 There was enough for everyone.

Even a seagull or two arrived to carry off a meal.

 A drink of water to wash it down.

Maybe two or three drinks.

 Might as well wash up while we’re here.

 On the way home I followed two moms with 
babies in strollers and a little boy doing his best to keep up.

 I’m not sure which lady was his mother.

He liked them both.


Daisy said...

The variety of colors in those ducks - wow! Thank you for sharing these pictures.

Anzu said...

Lovely and heartwarming scenes in a promise of spring.
Impressive (*'-'*)♪

Bill S. said...

The Nature Park is an interesting place. Just need some warmer weather.

TALON said...

I love ducks and geese - they have personality. The colorations are amazing!

I loved going with you on your walk, Leenie. Thank you! Now if things would just start greening up and leafing out it would be wonderful, wouldn't it?

susan m hinckley said...

I love ducks and geese too, but at our pond it's all Canadian geese and they'll knock you down and steal your lunch if they want it. And don't try rollerblading on their sidewalk because they aren't moving. Hiss.

(that last photo and caption are so sweet! good stuff.)

Sims said...

Don't know about you guys but its been snowing for 2days straight now, I think we have at least 6inches outside. If it keeps this up we are really going to need to color the Easter eggs again this year.

The animals are coming out of the woodwork too because of all the snow in the mountains. We had deer running through the backyard this morning and I could hear some crane too.

Anonymous said...

I love your mutant ducks! We have had three days of bright sunshine - bliss!!

Jill said...

Feeding the ducks with a bit of stale bread seems to be a universal pleasure!

DayPhoto said...

Another great post!