Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Both Susan and Jill had the right answers to the 
locations of my photos.

c. Yellowstone National Park--a fragile area where slimes and fungus things live in hot mud.

e. Stella's Garden.  A closeup turned sideways of some hanging glass ornaments.

d. Bannack, Montana--the remnants of a ghost town that was once the capital of
the territory of Montana.

a. A place where I like to go for a walk.  A golf course putting green
next to a bike path at the local Nature Park.

b. Ollyantaytambo, Peru--A beautiful Inca town in the Sacred Urubama Valley
with perfect growing conditions for lush gardens.

And a package arrived in the mail from Washington State.  
Linda Sue from All I Ever Wanted is a most thoughtful
and generous person.  This is the second batch of chocolate
she has sent to assist in my recovery from surgery.
(By the way I'm feeling fine and with a few more weeks
I'll be 110% recovered from my hundred-thousand mile overhaul.)
Linda Sue even sent a calculator that looks like a chocolate bar.  
Makes doing math a whole lot sweeter.  The Chocolate Necessities
Bars from Bellingham get my rave review!!!  Thanks L.S. 

Congrats again to Susan and Jill for choosing wisely.


TALON said...

Sorry to be so late replying. I wasn't well yesterday so I'm behind in my commenting. I was going to do the photo match-up, but I accidentally opened the wrong post. I love all the photos, Leenie.

So glad you are feeling well and how much sweeter a recovery is with good friends and chocolate :)

Jill said...

I was in a bit of a rush anwering, and I wished I had put reasons for my choices - but glad I got them right anyway. The leaf on the path, just had to be one of your cose-up observations!

Pearl said...

I'm glad you are feeling better, Leenie.


Anonymous said...

I was interested to see the chocolate was from Bellingham, as there is a Bellingham near us (although it is over the border in England!) We will pass road signs for it tomorrow - I must try to remember to have the camera out to take a photo as we pass!

susan m hinckley said...

So I think there should be a prize. . . and it looks like to me you have more chocolate than one person can really handle . . .

Elizabeth said...

So glad you are feeling better!
What a super friend Linda Sue is!

Krista said...

Those pictures were awesome! I especially liked the location of your home with the chocolate!