Tuesday, June 7, 2011


There’s something about being from out of town that makes a person want to purchase items that make no sense when they are brought home.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming survives mostly on tourist dollars.  In the winter they cater to the skiers, boarders and snow bunnies. 
When the white stuff finally clears off the hills…

the merchants still carry plenty of tee shirts,

…and things made out of dead animals and dead animal parts.

But they also increase their inventory of western wear. 
 Especially cowboy hats---felt hats, straw hats, leather hats…

Cowboy hats trimmed with braid and cord

 Hats with chin straps and hats with hat bands.  
Most of them cost about as much as a top of the line 
computer ink jet printer, but the sky is the limit.  
And, except for sweaty people on sweaty horses 
chasing stinking cattle, most human beings 
look pretty silly in a cowboy hat.

Of course there are exceptions.

 Then there are the cowboy boots.
 Spangled boots

Painted boots

Embroidered boots—sandal boots??  
These are a little impractical for working in manure
 and cost twice as much as the hats.

 My boots are very useful in snow.  
When I bought them at a local second hand store 
they cost about the price of a Happy Meal.

 Of course there are plenty of different places to shop in Jackson Hole.

 There are some things you just need.

 Rocky road fudge.  Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Pass the chocolate! Thanks for the tour of Jackson..too many people there anytime of year. Those Mountains are just as pretty from the Idaho side ( one of my favorite vacations). Interesting sandal boots..not for me..but I am sure they sell quite a few:)

Pearl said...

It's been a long time since I've been to Jackson Hole, and you show exactly what I remember!


The Weaver of Grass said...

I thought the spangled boots was my favourite photograph until I reached the Rocky Road fudge!

Anonymous said...

I want a cowboy hat! Malcolm brought me a pair of boots back from Texas years ago - but I couldn't get my feet into them (I have a very high arch). I hope you saved me some rocky road - I love that stuff!!

TALON said...

It is so funny what tourists will scoop up and take home. I hear you on the necessities - who could pass up some awesome chocolate?

I love that you got your boots secondhand and that they were not only a great price, but good-looking and perfectly practical.

Linda Sue said...

Those boots are just plain silly- the chocolate is not! The only thing I ever bought in Jackson was a penicillin shot- ear infection from swimming in moose infested waters.
Thanks for the trip back to Jackson!

Sarah said...

I always like to see shops in foreign climes-fascinating. I have always wanted a pair of cowboy boots but have never found any I like. Well I have not tried that hard! I did buy a pair in a charity shop once that were nice but they hurt my feet.

Debbie said...

ooohhhh i just love those boots..

second hand they would make cute planters for colorful plants on the front porch. i did that with funky rain boots and tulips, so fun!!!

great tour...loved ALL the photo's!!!

Anzu said...

We all feel ourselves drawn to western style when we are young. I have short legs, however wore western boots with blue jeans while I was young. My father used to watch a sort of cowboy pictures. Actually, it was a really nice time. Thank you for sharing groovy fashion.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I like this so true about the manure on the fancy boots.
It looks like a place I would love to wander around for a bit. The chocolate is calling. You are funny.B

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Leenie, One year oh maybe 1996 we did Mountain Home and Boise and Mccall ( we have a good friend that lives in McCall) then one year 1997? when we didn't know where we were going we came out of Montana and headed south West Yellowstone and then went the Idaho way ( Ashton..Riggs) saw the Tetons from the back side!! Loved it!! Hardly any tourists!! We got a Forest Service map at either Alpine or Afton WY and headed across the Mountains ( A real adventure) and we ended up at my brothers in Big Piney WY. In 1998 we were in way Northern Idaho, Bonner's Ferry and Sandpoint..a beautiful area. You live in a very beautiful state. I have a brother that lives in Oregon..so from MN to Oregon at some point you must pass through Idaho. :)

Anairam said...

Cowboys and chocolate fudge sounds like an excellent combination to me! (PS Whenever I see a cowboy hat and boots I always think of old JR. Dallas was the first night-time soapie that was screened in South Africa. Simply EVERYBODY watched it!)

susan m hinckley said...

I have plenty of head-scratchers purchased on my many travels to New Mexico, but I do wear my fancy cowboy boots every chance I get and would gladly own twelve more pairs! My hats, sadly, collect more dust. Consumables are definitely always a great choice! Thanks for the vicarious tourist shopping fix!

Terry and Linda said...

Yummm Always for the chocolate. Thanks for the tour!


Carla said...

I often wonder if we'll ever get to Wyoming. Thanks for the tour of Jackson Hole. It's funny about tourist towns---the shops are all very much alike. :)
Chocolate caramels---yuumm!

Marinevaquero said...

Maybe cowboy hats look silly on you but not on the right person. Looks way better than these shitty ballcaps everyone is obsessed with nowadays. Of course I'm not a sheep who goes with what most people do so how would I know.