Monday, June 13, 2011


Ninety days ago, on March 15, I was in surgery for two and a half hours.

It was three days before I was recovered enough to go home. 
This was one time I really needed that wheel chair to get me to the car.

Today I rode my bicycle over the speed limit down the hill past that hospital.

Last week I was jumping on the king sized bed in our motel with absolutely no problems.

My surgeons did an incredible job.  I find the human body’s ability to heal itself astounding.

Photos (except for the bicycle) taken at a wetlands game reserve near here.


Carla said...

It's official--you're your old self again. Maybe better? I'm glad you've recovered so well.
"Why do you want to keep an ovary?" He's not too bright about estrogen and menopause is he?

Far Side of Fifty said... certainly have recovered..I am so happy you had a good outcome. That bladder tuck was probably the worst to recover from..big babies really tend to mess that up:)

fifi said...

Well done, I am so pleased to hear this.

lizziviggi said...

Hooray!! Glad to hear you're doing so well!

Anonymous said...

Glad you have made such a good recovery! Sometimes we don't appreciate our health until something goes wrong.

TALON said...

Yay! It truly is incredible. How neat to look back now and have it all behind you. And how lovely are your photographs, Leenie. Always a treat.