Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Thomas, a.k.a. “Fuzzball” a.k.a. “Speedbump”, likes to survey his domain from the window.

There he can keep an eye on vagrant crows, squirrels and other neighbors without dealing with cold, rain and snow.  When the weather warms up he’ll occasionally ask to take a stroll outside where he likes to hide in the shrubs and scare hapless birds.

He was on the step the other day ready to come in for an evening snack when Jet, his rival from down the street arrived on his turf. 

Thomas: Go home, pretty boy, go home you yellow bellied chicken!

Jet:  Who are you calling chicken?

Thomas:  I’m calling you chicken, 
big, tough, buddy boy.  Afraid of getting close?

 Jet:  Oh, yeah?  Come and get me you waste of fur. Afraid to slug it out?

Then Thomas puffed himself up and Jet could see his rival had the size advantage,
 probably unaware that it was mostly fuzz and flab.

Jet slowly, slowly, slowly crawled under the car.  
Thomas was going to wait him out, 
but a noise down the street distracted them both. 

Jet streaked for home and Thomas hurried to the step 
to see what all the racket was about.

Koda, the terrier from two houses over was coming to join the rumble.

He wasn’t brave enough to join in the fight...

but he threw in a few of his own taunts.

Koda’s owner came and collected him and things quieted down.

Thomas decided he’d sent the rabble packing and returned to surveying his realm.


Buttons Thoughts said...

Funny I love your commentary. B

Maude Lynn said...

A job well done!

Pearl said...

:-) As the Kitteh Turns...


Carla said...

I would think Jet would notice right away that Thomas could eat him whole.

Debbie said...

hahaha you have a "guard" "cat"!!!

jet....no match for thomas!!!

Linda Sue said...

Thomas, what a pussy cat- though he looks formidable...Jet should have been able to see through that.Especially loving the colour of the the post against the colour of the blue flower, with black Thomas on the grey step. Very pretty.
Colour and drama in the hood!

Butternut Squash said...

A classic tale. I really like they way Jet's hair stands on end.

Linda Sue said...

Now I can't get " here come the Jets we're the Jets all the way , from our first cigarette to our last dying day" out of my tiny mind.

Kbburn said...

LOL. Thomas is soooooo tough.Too bad there was not action I'd have liked to that one go down. :)

Jill said...

That'll be Thomas a.k.a. "Fuzz Bomb" from now on then.

Elizabeth said...

pretty much life as usual in animal world
even if Thomas is fluff and flab

wonderful encounters......!

susan m hinckley said...

So funny! Thanks for my laugh of the day. I think I'm Thomas in this scenario -- hurl a few taunts and then slink under the car -- although come to think of it the fluff and flab description fits too . . .

Anonymous said...

Fun post to read,once my eyes steadied and adjusted from the brilliant glare coming off that kitchen floor in the previous post!!! Well done Leenie...and there's you watching all the creatures watching each other - so funny.

Anzu said...

Thomas, you pitted against the intruder with authority and confidence. 凸(^▼ェ▼メ^)
A dog can never stand up to a cat, YOU. You are clever enough to know little Thomas is on a play mode. Your mama got the funny happening in a calm manner !

Sarah said...

Thomas came out the hero-I think. So funny! I was laughing all the way to the end-even down to your tags for the post. Cats are basically big show offy cowards. Ours always make me laugh when they get all howly at the visit of a lovely black cat a bit like Jet. He seems a very polite cat actually, but all three girls get very upset when he appears!

Linda said...

Good boy , Thomas! You saved the day! Delightful post. You just took photos and let it work itself out.