Friday, July 1, 2011


A video made during one of our family 
Independence Day Celebrations. 
On July 4th we take over our little dead-end street to celebrate.
Neighbors either join in or leave town. 
July is the perfect time of year to enjoy a few fireworks.  
Sparklers are one thing the kids love 
and are relatively safe under supervision.
No one was harmed during the making of this video,
(as long as you don't count frustration during editing)

Wherever you are--enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

I still love sparklers - over here, we have big fireworks displays on the 5th of November, to remember when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament!

Debbie said...

i LOVE the little video, still smiling!!

i adore the difference between boys & girls, so clearly displayed in this video. the boys all over the place & the girls so calm, funny, it's always like that!!

sparklers...i still love em!!!

Terry and Linda said...

Happy Fourth of July! I'm a big sparkler fan myself so the video was perfect!


Anonymous said...

Fun!...and making such great memories for the children. Brings back childhood memories for me of neighbourhood gatherings for Guy Fawkes night ( which Australia inherited from England, being a colony and all). By the time I had reached my teenage years, it had been banned here,discontinued due to the prevelance of injuries, many quite serious,to both animals and children, mainly due to the lack of supervision around bonfires and fireworks.
I think your 4th of July celebrations are much more sensible over there...and the kids look happy and safe, as they would!

Yarnlady said...
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Far Side of Fifty said...

Great video..I enjoyed seeing the kids have fun with the sparklers. It was always something I enjoyed as a exciting and a bit dangerous! :)