Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Lots of requests from my last post to see my pretty little purple, uh, pansies.

There they are just scattered around the garden where anyone can see them. 
I'm not shy to show them off. 

My hollyhocks a.k.a. "holy hecks" are also in full bloom.

Even the dark purple ones that I thought were eaten by a back hoe have recovered.

This is the miracle crop.  Our pie cherry tree produces plenty of fruit almost every year.
And every year the robins and all their friends clear out every last cherry
before they are even ripe.  But not this year.  The mild wet spring produced
a bumper crop of fruit.  Too many for the birds to get, even though they 
emptied the top branches and were doing their best  to get the rest.

DH is quite the domestic guy.  He loves cherry pie and when he had summers off from
 teaching and I was still working full time, he bottled the fruit 

as long as I would make the pies.  You've gotta go with what your good at.

So now I've shown you my purple pansies.  Hope you're not too disappointed.  


Debbie said...

gorgeous pansies....mine are gone, it's just too hot for pansies here!!

Linda Sue said...

The cherries this year have been so amazing- I can not seem to eat enough! Your's are like gems! Beautiful!
Loads of flowers up here in the wet and dark! Loads of beautiful lettuce- dark purple-ish burgundy lettuce- a bit bitter but sure to be good for the body right?
We miss you...

TexWisGirl said...

thanks for the clarification! ha!

yum! home-grown cherries! Pie! Ice Cream! Here I come!

Buttons Thoughts said...

I am not disappointed (well maybe) they are beautiful. I love cherries lucky girl they look wonderful. B

lizziviggi said...

What an abundant garden you have! And your purple pansies are lovely. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love your purple pansies (one of my favourite flowers). I managed to pick 6 cherries from out tree, but the birds have had the rest of the ripe ones!

TALON said...

Who could ever be disappointed with purple pansies? :) We have pale yellow ones this year. Just walking by and the fragrance catches me and makes me smile.

Those cherries look soooo good, Leenie. Glad you managed to salvage some. That's what I call a perfect partnership - he bottles, you bake :)

Terry and Linda said...

Gorgeous pansies...I love them. Most of mine are still going strong, but the heat is starting to wreck them.


Maude Lynn said...

Those cherries look so good!

Anonymous said...

Such delicious and delightful photos of your pansies and that pie!