Sunday, August 7, 2011


A wedding invitation took DH and me to Utah this weekend. 
As much as I enjoyed the ceremony and the party and the family gathering…

I really disliked the traffic.

 This Idaho Potatohead isn’t used to buildings over two stories tall.

 Although one of them was up-to-the-ceiling full of splendid art supplies!

But back to the traffic on Interstate 15 through Salt Lake City--

 Too many vehicles all hurtling down the highway--

 BIG wheels spinning at eighty miles an hour just a few feet away--

 Even when we were out of the city, the pace of the traffic 
was well over the posted limit.

 Only moments after we passed this distracting sign—

 Everything came to a stand still.

 When one lane was finally opened up for travel 
we crept past a line-up of highway patrol cars, lights blinking.

Then a fender-bender that must have involved at least three vehicles.
  Fortunately it didn’t look like the collisions had resulted in serious injuries.

 So, although Idaho weather is cold and ugly for long periods of time,
 it tends to keep away the crowds.

 This is an Idaho traffic jam.


Mrs Catch said...

Hahaha. An idaho traffic jam. Love it.

TexWisGirl said...

yup. the longer i stay out of the daily commute into Dallas, the more i like the country traffic jams here too.

Anzu said...

Thanks for taking me to your happy wedding tour. ((o(゚▽゚○)(○゚▽゚)o))♪ I'm excited with big city, wide highway, highway patrol cars and the plate of IDAHO being famous for potatoes in Japan. WOW ♪

Samantha said...

I agree..traffic makes me twitch!

Linda Sue said...

Traffic is the reason that I have not been to Seattle for a while- unless Stella is driving- She can handle it...Salt lake gives me the creeps for many reasons but that is one of the cities we had to shop in for before- school's- start, back then I had a fondness for I prefer the nothingness of zero population and your spudnik traffic.
Welcome home- hope your pkg arrived. THANK YOU!(silly)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the dislike of traffic - we had quite a shock a couple of eweeks ago when we went to Wales, which involved driving on VERY busy motorways. Traffic here is similar to yours ..... and there is the odd traffic jam caused by a flock of sheep on the road!

Terry and Linda said...

I feel the very same way.


Anonymous said...

Love your Idaho traffic jam photo. Reminds me of when we had community parades in the small country town I was teaching in. The tractors always pulled the floats, just lazin' along, and through-traffic just had to take a different route!
I enjoyed the travel scenes from your part of the world.

Kara Bunnell said...

I hear ya I have a deep dislike for Utard traffic. yikes!

ps: thanks so much for the scripture and comment. it helped bunches ( hug)

Jeannelle said...

A "distracting" sign about safety....that's a good one, Leenie!

Pearl said...

I recall driving through Idaho a couple years ago and how very easy it was! So few cars!!


TALON said...

I'll take the Idaho traffic jam any day of the week, Leenie :) (And a visit to that amazing art supply store!)

Elizabeth said...

I HATE roads and long road trips

that is what TRAINS are for.
America is so HUGE it boggles the mind
I hope you had a good time when you were away?
But I bet you are glad to be home.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I like your kind of traffic jams..we have them here too. I shudder to think of going anyplace that has four lanes of traffic:)