Wednesday, June 6, 2012

LATVIA--Virtual Paintout

I've been touring the northern European country of Latvia for the past few days.  Latvia is a beautiful and intriguing destination just across the Baltic Sea from Sweden, just south of Estonia and north of Lithuania.  Okay, I've been traveling virtually using Google Earth, but I think the satellite and street views are a great way to explore the place.  My purpose was to find a location to use a resource for The Virtual Paintout.

"Bus Stop at St. Geory's by Eileen Black   8x10 watercolor

After "wandering around" through the country I settled on the bus stop in front of the colorful  St. Geory Orthodox Church in the city of Bauska.  The church was constructed in 1881 and designed by the Latvian architect J.F. Baumanis.  It is currently in the process of being restored.  One of the photos available on the site shows the tower on the right surrounded in scaffolding.  Information provided says it is open during services.

I've found this a great way to learn about the world and sharpen my painting skills at the same time.  I'm hoping my painting will soon be accepted and will appear on the Virtual Paintout blog for the month of June.
(update:  it's there!)

I found reference to the Virtual Painting while reading The Art of Urban Sketching by Gabriel Campanario.

I got it to help inspire me to go out and do some sketching.  The book doesn't tell how to sketch on location as much as it just shows sketches done by artists from places all over the world.  Not a real page turner--kind of like having someone show all their photos from their vacation--but still fun in small doses.


CarrieBoo said...

I love using Google Earth... what a cool idea. Your painting looks awesome (I love it)... I'm sure you'll get in with that! Crossing everything, for good measure.

Sarah said...

What a fun way to explore. Now street view exists there is no excuse not to go jetting off around the globe! And it makes finding somewhere new so much easier with that picture in your head. I love your choice and painting of the building-a good place to have a bus stop!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Well Darn the first line made me think you were actually in Europe too bad.
I love this painting Leenie it is beautiful everyone will love it.. B

Terry and Linda said...

You are an artist of amazing gifts!


TALON said...

Leenie, your painting is gorgeous! So full of life. What a neat idea to do the virtual-inspired painting! Congrats on having your gorgeous work showcased.

Anzu said...

The book looks interesting. I'm interested in the structure. You make it the red fantasy. Please create Japanese one by your painting.

Carla said...

Wonderful painting! Certainly a cheap way to travel the world. :)