Friday, July 6, 2012


Long before Buffalo Bill Cody created the first major American rodeo in 1882 
there were ranch-versus-ranch competitions to test the skills of the people 
of the cattle industry in events such as bronc riding, bull riding and roping.

Most rodeos have queen contests for several age groups. 
Being a rodeo queen requires skills in western style horse riding, 
public speaking, rodeo knowledge, appearance and personality.

At our July Fourth rodeo there are always plenty of cowboys 
showing off their strength and flair in the riding of...

...the bucking horses and bulls and the wrestling of big calves to the ground, 
but more and more I’ve seen the ladies enter and win in the events 
that demanded horsemanship and dexterity.

Barrel racing has traditionally been an event for the cowgirls.

It is almost a dance involving horse and rider as they 
speed through a course around barrels in the arena…

…and then race full tilt back to the start to try and score the quickest time.

Muttin’ Bustin’ is open to any boy or girl willing go for a ride 
while hanging on to a rope around a sheep’s middle.

This year’s first place trophy went to a very feminine red head.

Some of the best calf roping was done by the ladies.

Lady ropers and their horses compete with the same rules as the men.

When the calf scramble was announced for anyone between the ages of 
eight and eleven our granddaughter and her BFF jumped up 
and hurried down to the arena with the rest of the kids.  
That’s her in the burgundy shirt and her friend is on the far left. 
Note the granddaughter is wearing flip-flops.  
That didn’t seem to slow her down at all.

When everyone was ready a calf covered with dollar bills was turned loose.  
The crowd of youngsters kicked up quite a cloud of dust 
in the stampede to grab some cash.

Check out that burgundy shirt on the right just missing the money.  
Her friend was right there too.

They came back empty handed.  Granddaughter said she was going for the 
five dollar bill on the calf’s head or nothing.


Linda Sue said...

Helmet on the bull rider? That's new...

Leenie said...

A safety helmet and vest on a bull rider probably works about as well as one on a terrorist bomber.

Brian King said...

What great shots, Leenie! I love rodeos! We don't have many in this part of the country.

Buttons Thoughts said...

"Five Dollar Bill on the calf's head or nothing" I love her style:)
Great shots I love watching stuff like this. Especially barrel racing I have no idea why.
Great shots fun for all including now me:) B

Joanne Noragon said...

Wonderful illustrations. I think I had my mouth closed at the top, but my jaw had dropped and I was laughing by the end. What a couple of girls.

Pearl said...

:-) I've never done anything connected to the rodeo, and I love these pics.

Now I just have to wonder: where did the word "bronco" come from???


Alica said...

Nice pics! I like the idea of the calf our local fair they have a greased (kid) pig chase. This seems like it would be fun for something different!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Lots of fun for the kids. Around here some of the Rodeos are getting flack from the animal lovers..especially the sheep riding..and the bull riding.:(

Sarah said...

I love your rodeo posts! Always so exciting!

Terry and Linda said...

Love your shots...Number 6 is the best....motion in action full tilt!!!

I like the idea of the $5 bill...heck why not!?


Anzu said...

I admire your country's ladies and girls. They are courageous enough to be handsome woman.