Monday, July 9, 2012


"Passing Shadow"
The new crop of crow youngsters are noisy and busy.
I see them all over the neighborhood trying out their flying skills
and getting into trouble with the squirrels.

Since I like to paint what I know I used some of my photos of 
my feathered neighbors as references for my latest paintings.

"Morrigan's Companion"
Morrigan is a goddess of Irish mythology and her companion
is a crow.  A crow flying overhead could either cause fear
or courage in the hearts of warriors.  This painting is 
another one inspired by my crow, or corvus, neighbors.  I like
to watch them walk across our lawn searching for a breakfast
of crumbs from a picnic or an unfortunate bug.

For the Virtual Paintout I submitted one more sketch for Latvia
called, "The House at the Bend in the Road."  This month's 
subject for the paintout is Thailand.  I'm excited to 
do a virtual Google Maps tour of that place for inspiration.

Just a reminder.  You can see all the paintings I have for sale 
by clicking on the red "Watercolors by Leenie" icon in the 
upper left column of this blog.


Brian King said...

Those are awesome, Leenie! Fantastic work!

Joanne Noragon said...

Interesting theme and beautiful watercolors.

Anonymous said...

Wow Leenie - you have been busy with such wonderful results! I found the Virtual Paintout interesting and the Google Tour Map inspiring -thanks for the link!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh Leenie these are fantastic. Someday I am going to own one, that is on my wish list. B

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Your colors are so exceptional. Very awesome work!

Anonymous said...

I love your crows ..... when I go for my early morning walk there are lots of crows squabbling in the trees, making a tremedous racket!

Val said...

Great work with the watercolors. We have crows here as big as the chickens. Kind of menacing. I think of the crow in that movie of Stephen King's The Stand. He was up to no good. The crow. Not Stephen King.

Terry and Linda said...

Well done! Our crows have moved to the city dump for the summer...lots of pick'ns out there!


Deborah Moore said...

Stunning paintings as always. Your paintings fill my soul.

Linda Sue said...

SKILLS! You do know how to paint! Why are there letters across them? There are more crows on the deck now , with the jays...but are intimidated by the jays and the squirrel...they shouldn't be, they are the biggest kids on the block!