Saturday, March 15, 2014


Spring is always full of surprises, especially if one has a short memory.

I remember planting some extra tulip bulbs in this empty spot.

I just don’t remember what color or what kind.   
In a few weeks—Surprise!

I know these green things popping out of the ground will blossom into lilies of the valley, 
but every year there are more and more—Surprise!

I can’t even begin to remember all my computer passwords so I write them on a card and hide it in my purse.  While looking for the card,

I found a fifty I hid just in case I needed it on a trip I took months ago.  

Some things I remember.  This year I remembered to plant tomatoes before April so I won’t have to buy them from the nursery.  I also remember how tiny tomato plants become huge and can overtake the garden and your life if you let them.  So I’ll thin them down to ten plants in a week or so.

I remembered to plant my lobelia –

--and my pansies and cucumbers,
 but I forgot how big they’ll get before it’s warm enough to put them in the garden so the whole kitchen will probably be filled with pots of dirt and plants in the very near future.

Being forgetful has its drawbacks, but I usually remember to carry my cell phone with me now.  So if I remember to write myself notes and lists and put them on my phone memo they go with me better than all those little yellow sticky notes.

A lot of other things I wonder about can be searched out in an instant.

The other stuff, like the plots of favorite books and movies—

--and where I hid my Easter Eggs--

--makes living every day a SURPRISE! 


joeh said...

I love finding hidden money!

Val said...

New sprouts. How refreshing. We're getting 2-3 inches of snow on Sunday. School stands at 21 snow days and counting.

Alica said...

I like your kind of surprises!

Anonymous said...

I'm no gardner but finding those first green shoots in the yard is always a nice surprise...although...I prefer the green you found in your purse.

Sarah said...

Ha ha-I like the positive take on lack of memory, something I have always had! Recently I found out it could possibly be because of not enough sleep but that is not going to change! The watching reruns thing is so true. Even films I have seen many times can still surprise me!

Linda Sue said...

Usually I am not one for surprises, but I could certainly handle yours! Alway nice finding sprouts and dollars! Nice that you are no longer snowed in. Time to go skinny dipping.

Terry and Linda said...

Lucky, lucky you! I like the green you found in your purse!! But the green that is growing is just as lovely!

♬♬♬ Happy Saint Patrick’s Day ♬♬♬

TALON said...

I can't wait to see green again. We still have a ton of snow to shift...oops...melt. I would shift it if I could. :) The one thing that drives me nuts about forgetting is how many times I have to go back to a room to try to remember why I went to the first room to start with. Yeah, sadly that happens more often than I should really admit. And don't you just love Maxine? When I grow up I want to be just like her! :)

Anairam said...

Hahaha, Leenie - I am a hider of note. I hide things like my bank card and keys and kindle and camera and cash in case someone breaks in (more common now in our area) and then I forget WHERE. I should stick with the same couple of hiding places, but every now and then I think up an interesting new hiding place, so I kind of forget where they all are. My behaviour is definitely bordering on dottiness. You are very good at remembering other things though. (I never know when to plant stuff. I wish I had your tomato plants, mine just last for a little bit and then they die. I guess I have to keep watering them.)