Thursday, April 3, 2014


No pink sunrise this morning either.

This morning it was fog. Here is Main Street at rush hour.
The banner over the street is announcing the upcoming Teton Dam Marathon,
a race to commemorate the disaster caused by the collapse of an earthen dam in June of 1976.

In the park the squirrels were doing their morning yoga.

Over the past twenty-four hours the poor snowman lost his head.  It is lying at his feet still wearing his hat but bespattered by assassin snow.


Jenny Woolf said...

Oh man, still snowy there. I wonder if this is your latest Spring ever!

elizabeth said...

Hi there!
Poor Snowman but maybe his time is up?

Anonymous said...

Nice catch on the squirrel shot.

TALON said...

The squirrel yoga capture is priceless, Leenie! Thank you for making me laugh! It's equally dull here today. The temp continues to hover at the freezing mark. I can't recall a more reluctant spring.

Oh, and I just posted the answers to the creative process. Was fun doing that. I've linked back to you. :)

fishducky said...

The squirrel is great!!

Carla said...

Shall I blow some warm southern breezes your way? That snowman needs to go over the Snowman Rainbow bridge. :)