Monday, May 12, 2014

RISE AND SHINE! (What my camera saw this morning)

The sun was up and the spring day was looking to be better than average, weather-wise.

But the air temperature was still freezing cold and the robins were reluctant to move.

Down on the pond Mr. Mallard was yawning and stretching and shaking off the frost.

The hawk considered duck for breakfast.

But decided to look for something smaller and easier to catch.

Mom and Dad canada goose hustled their brood out of sight before the hawk looked their way.

 A strange shadowy shape slipped through the water along the river.  What was it?  Muskrat? Otter? Loch Ness Monster??

 Nope.  A beaver already going about his day.

 C’mon everybody. Get up!  Time to get busy!

Then with a huge splash from his big flat tail, he quickly swam away.


joeh said...

Certainly an interesting river.

Alica said...

You've got some really interesting wildlife out there. I've never, ever even seen a beaver! :) Glad the little ducks were herded to safety!

Joanne Noragon said...

That is one fluffy robin!

Linda Sue said...

GREAT captures of your wild neighborhood! The robin is pretty proud of himself, all puffed up in his red vest- not one note does he complain. Wyoming is getting january weather! So much snow. Glad to have left that behind.

Val said...

I have never seen a beaver in the water. But I've seen five or six big fat beavers sitting beside the road, next to creek culverts in various locations throughout our county.

I did see a muskrat in the water one time, in a drainage ditch between a McDonalds and a Captain D's. Our wildlife isn't wild enough.

Pearl said...

Love that hawk...


Terry and Linda said...

Now THAT is cool! I have never really seen a beaver!

skara brea

Anzu said...

Wonderful shots.
I see it's the high season when beavers are making their house. (;゚(エ)゚)/

Carla said...

Lucky you! I love all your wildlife. I've never seen a beaver in the wild.

TALON said...

Such great captures, Leenie. You have the most amazing wildlife in your area. Just beautiful!