Sunday, June 8, 2014


Traveled for hours today down U.S. Interstate 40 -- also known as Route 66.

Had DH take a picture of me standing by the iconic arrows.

Turned left at Albuquerque.

Still on Route 66.  Didn't stay here.

Got to Old Town in Albuquerque just in time for a Fiesta.
I'd show you the video but this WiFi is really slow.

Just missed a big thunder storm.

Got stuck in traffic on a Sunday afternoon on the way to Santa Fe.

Saw what happens when a Geo Metro is rear-ended by a Mercedes Benz.

Made it to Santa Fe. Got a room here.
Ate enchiladas so hot we just HAD to get ice cream.


Samantha said...

Smart move! Dairy is a great way to combat spicy food. Ice cream is totally my vote!

Anonymous said...

Now THAT was a weekend.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh man you always have all the fun:) Great shots. Hug B

Buttons Thoughts said...

Man you always have ALL the fun. Great shots. Hug B

Carla said...

I've always wondered about Rt.66 and whether it might be worth the drive.
Ice cream is required on vacation--every.single.night.

esbboston said...

We did the Albuquerque-Taos vacation almost eXactly a year ago. We have spent alot of time in this area on trips and really enjoy it. The zoo in Albuquerque is nice, the wifey really enjoyed it. I liked the polar bears and wolves and the bobcat that snuggled with the zookeeper, amazing.

Joanne Noragon said...

Home again, home again, or more adventures?

Terry and Linda said...

You are having a great time!!!


Val said...

The arrow is my favorite.