Monday, December 15, 2014


Okay, so it’s been weeks since I've posted something here.  My excuse is the calendar.

 I think one’s attitude has a lot to do with which side of the shopping we are on.  I’ve been trying to have a good attitude but it’s been a challenge.

Along with the aforementioned shopping, there has been the decorating and the gatherings and---well, you know.

 I tried out a new recipe.  A friend was bragging about how wonderful his Christmas Stollen was.  I figured I should learn how to make it since my hubby’s family is mostly Scandinavian.  Besides it gave me a good excuse to break out the yeast and sugar and fill the house with yummy smells.

 Mine looked a lot like this recipe picture except I left out the nuts since I was taking it to a party. I plan to make more, this time with nuts.   I’d never used cardamom spice before but found it a nice change from cinnamon, and recognized the flavor from those lovely Danish pastries I’ve enjoyed.

 Good news:  I’ve been selling a lot of paintings from my Etsy Shop.

 The bad news:  the huge lines at the post office.  Good news:  I’ve had time to read a lot of your blog posts on my phone while standing in those lines. Today I had to stand for quite a while behind a guy whose back pack smelled like a rotted carcass.  The whole place smelled like wet socks and sweat.

One other note.
Our post office has changed their sign with the really bad spelling mistake.

This time, no list; less chances for error.


Anonymous said...

Your stollen looks delightful.

Joanne Noragon said...

You take me back to the days of baking and yummy smells.
I cannot remember if we got a meme for the e and the a, like HOMES for the Great Lakes, or two sugars in dessert.

Carla said...

Maybe they want their cards to stay in one place? :)
Stollen----I could eat an entire loaf of the long-ago baked stuff from World Market. LOVE it! Yours might replace it, as I love to bake.

Val said...

My post office has smelled like a dead mouse for many years now. You'd think they would have found it by now.

I hope it's just a mouse...

Terry and Linda said...

I'm the second person...I LOVE CHRISTMAS...I love everything about it!