Friday, December 26, 2014


Our December in Southeast Idaho has been unusually warm.

For quite a while our backyard looked like this.

Then we got this wimpy snow.  It wasn't long before that all melted.

We were all wondering, where's the white stuff?

Yesterday morning we woke up to a BIG storm.
Along with lots of presents, Santa brought us a white Christmas!

A note to Linda Sue from The Elf.
"Where in stinkin' $#!+* Siberia did you send me?!"


Joanne Noragon said...

The white hasn't worked east yet, to the dismay of my granddaughter, who has been hired to work at the local ski resort.

Val said...

We've had one snow so far. Two inches that didn't last long. Don't think we'll make 21 snow days keeping us out of school this year.

Alica said...

We've been unusually warm here in southeastern PA too. I'm not complaining, though. I hope we get to see some snow, but just a little at a time. Enjoy yours! :)

Linda Sue said...

at least there was enough snow to shock that little elf into the realization that living on the north pole is not the only place to wear wool! We have had buckets and buckets of rain. It is dark all the time. Everything muted. Climate change is warmer, however. Lakes and bay remain liquid... glad you had a little bit of snow...for the elf's sake.

Unknown said...

BRRRRRRRR!!!!! Looks cold!!!
Of course all snow looks cold to me ;) Stay warm and enjoy the white stuff!!!

Unknown said...

Brrrrrr!!!! Looks cold!!! Enjoy the white stuff but stay warm. We are in SF Bay area and never get snow ;(

Terry and Linda said...

We have snow also...and COLD!!

Happy New Year my Idaho Friends!