Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Cures for cabin fever during long Idaho winters come in many forms.  Some of the best involve dressing up warm and just getting out in the snow.

 Some people carry this to extremes like my dear hubby.  He has passed the insanity on to his sons, grandsons and even his sons in law.

 As soon as there is questionably thick ice on the favorite lake, DH and his fishing buddies are out there drilling for trout. Fish caught this way have wonderful flavor so I don’t complain.

 No, my idea of a fun time in the snow involves cross-country skis or snow shoes and a view like this one of an icy river and swans.   (This time the only camera I took was my new cell-phone.  I was impressed with the quality of the photos.  The original of this shot is over 4,000 pixels wide at 72dpi.  I brought it down to 800px for faster loading)

 If I want to see the swans I have to ski over this bridge.  It scares me every time, especially like yesterday when the track was icy and the skis go FAST.

 Harriman State park has an extensive trail system with ranch buildings which have been converted to use for visitors.  The main lodge was open with bathroom, hot chocolate, fireplace and big screen t.v.

 I passed up the ranch and continued out to the lookout over the river.  Since it was a holiday there were plenty of other skiers to keep me company.

 By the time I got to the lookout I was looking for more than scenery.

There has always been a portable outhouse, (a.k.a. kybo) there for people like me who need such a break. (btw, this photo was taken just a few years ago with my first cell phone.  Amazing difference in quality)

Even though kybo seats in the winter are rimmed with frost which promotes hovering, they are still a welcome sight.

 Squatting in winter woods with lots of company is really not an option.  It’s amazing how FAST one can ski with crossed legs.


joeh said...

I think I would stop and just shuffle across that bridge.

Never did the ice fishing thing, I think maybe with a good cigar and some nice port I would like to give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful winter scenery....I'll let you take the pictures and do the hovering lol.

Joanne Noragon said...

You are an intrepid one, o cross country skier. I tried once, in my more limber youth, and could not begin to understand anything except going down little hills and around curves. Like riding a motor cycle. Keep bringing back the pictures; they have a flavor we like.

Val said...

Now my butt is cold.

Terry and Linda said...

BRRRR... I would hover also...the frost would just not feel good on my warm but!


Linda Sue said...

great that you are getting out there in that deep freeze, you hearty little wild child! Wonderful photos from your gadget! Dang, your post made me so cold I had to get some hot chocolate...

Janice Grinyer said...

Ah ya got the outdoor glow!

I went to that horrible state, Wyoming, last week, and was in a sports store... the smell of wax reminded me of my cross country skiing days in Wisconsin...

Alas, its in the 50's here, and the snow is burning off quickly. I think Mr. Chinook is here...


Alica said...

Now that looks like some serious fun! I've never tried xc skiing, but I've heard from others about how it's such good exercise. The scenery is just gorgeous too!