Sunday, March 8, 2015


My mother was the youngest of a large family.  She was in high school when her brother, Ward, joined the navy and spent time on a battle ship during World War II.

Ward sent photos home to his little sister and she put them in a photograph album which I inherited when my parents passed away.  Some of the photos show sailors doing their duties aboard ship and others are of young guys just grinning for the camera.  I don’t know a lot about Ward’s time at sea but I could tell he got to go ashore in New York City.

The snapshots from the city were probably purchased at a souvenir shop and mailed to his little sister.

 In 1944 the Empire State Building dominated the skyline, seen here behind the Brooklyn Bridge.

 Now it takes a little searching to find the famous skyscraper.

 I don’t know if Uncle Ward got a chance to go to the top of the Empire State Building but he sent back photos.  Here is the view at that time to the north with Central Park in the background and the Chrysler Building on the right.

 I’ve never visited NYC but I can see from this recent photo that a lot has changed since then.

 The view from the observation deck south in 1944 shows the Brooklyn Bridge on the left and way off past Lower Manhattan to the right is the Statue of Liberty.

 Same view today with the new One World Trade Center building just right of center.

 And as a reminder of why we appreciate all those who leave home to defend this great nation, here is a view of the same place before September 11, 2001.

Most of these recent photos are borrowed from:  Some can be seen in greater detail by clicking on them.


Anonymous said...

Interesting to try to pick out things that are still there. We can't say enough how much we appreciate those who defend our countries.

Buttons Thoughts said...

This is fascinating Leenie. Only you could see those changes as an artist with your keen eye. Hug B

Linda Sue said...

I LOVE these juxtaposed then and now photos. It is like "what's wrong with this picture" or a "Where's Waldo" search.

Pearl said...

I think you're right. I think things have really changed.



Jenny Woolf said...

Something so interesting about old pictures and comparing them with newer ones.

Val said...

He looks so dashing in his uniform!

Carla said...

Amazing photographs and such a great legacy to have scored that photo album from your parents. So many folks in my family did not take pictures. Don't know why, but I have very little photographic proof of the existence of my parents/siblings.