Monday, April 4, 2011


Just for fun, see if you can match up these photos
with the list below.  Answers next post.






a.  Place I like to go for a walk
b. Ollyantaytambo, Peru
c. Yellowstone National Park
d. Bannack, Montana
e. Stella's Garden


Buttons Thoughts said...

Hey Leenie I have no idea but I love them. B

susan m hinckley said...

I'll take a stab . . . let's see -- 1.C,2.E,3.D,4.A,5.B . . . pretty sure I got one of them right. But is there a prize?

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to embarrass myself by guessing wrongly! Please can I have the wagon wheel - it would look good in my garden!!

Jill said...

Haven't got a clue, but I'll have a guess. 1c,2e,3d,4a,5b. Now I see mine are the same as Susan's, but I didn't look - honest!

Linda Sue said...

Trick question!!! They are all Stella's garden! AND they are very cool photos!

Leenie said...

Nice try Linda Sue. But it's not a trick question. For one thing I wasn't there when it was frosty.

DayPhoto said...

I think the first one is one your way to work...then I couldn't figure out the rest. Looking forward to the answers.


Regina said...

Hi there Leenie..alright, here is my poke at it-
Stella's -1
Yellowstone -2
Montana- 3
Place for a walk- 4
Peru -5
Lovely images which ever order~
Wishing you a pleasant day...)

Maude Lynn said...

Beautiful shots!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I will guess 1 A, 2 E, 3 D, 4 C, 5 B. What a great though provoking exercise. Thanks for your comments on my blog..I hope you stop by often:)