Wednesday, June 29, 2011


If you've read my blog much you know that I escape and blow off stress 
by riding my bicycle.

Mostly I just cruise along back roads, breathing in the morning air,
letting the brain wander while burning a few calories.

But there is this HILL (made to appear even more intimidating
by camera angle) called Pole Line Road.  I've told myself that
as long as I can make it to the top, no matter how slowly, 
without getting off to walk, I still don't need to retire to a rocking chair.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

While downloading this picture to my computer I pulled up the photos
 I have saved with the tag "BICYCLE."  Here are a few:

Kids and grandkids on the way to a July 4th Parade

Grandpa showing off his bike while we wait for the parade to start

son, Bobert and wife ready to ride 100 miles (they did it)
near Zion National Park in Utah

The Californians in the parking lot

Outing with Bobert's family on a new bike trail near their home 

Shooting the neighbors from my front porch

Rescuing Beavis from a hail storm

Bobert again at a triathlon

Bobert's wife--same triathlon, transitioning from swim to bike

Beavis after riding to the top of Teton Pass, ready
to commit suicide by riding DOWN the other side
(he made it okay--whew!)

Thanks for hanging in all the way to the end and letting me
indulge in a little show and tell.


Anairam said...

Wow - at a stage, long, long ago, I owned a racing bicycle myself. The idea was that I would accompany my then-boyfriend on his various cycling trips in and around the Peninsula. It didn't last long - I HATED cycling with a passion and still do. I hate cycling in traffic with cars and buses screeching by. I hate hills. I hate sitting hunched over the handlebars. (I will sat hunched over a bar counter any day, though ...) I hate cycling gear - those horrible shorts. I hate the shoes. I hate wearing a helmet. Okay, I think you get the general idea.

Leenie said...

Anairam--Hehe. I promise when you make it here all the way from S. Africa that I won't ask you to go riding with me. I hate cycling in traffic too. I hate WALKING in traffic. If there weren't some quiet back roads nearby in the morning I'd probably not ride much either.

Debbie said..., these are amazing captures!!

i love to casually bike, we have many dedicated bike paths in new jersey, keeping it safe and fun.

Linda Sue said...

Good on you Leenie- I haven't ridden a bike since before Erik- Before getting marraged...The hills here are intimidating, the traffic, too. The rain is not conducive to bike riding either. I do miss it- In south east wyoming where it was flat for a zillion miles, no rain just dust- seemed better then , but of course I was TWELVE!

Buttons Thoughts said...

I love show and tell you have nice things to share. Good for you doing that hill wow.
I love biking but our gravel road they seem to grade every few weeks is very hard to enjoy. If they don't grade it I would probably fall into the pothole to nowhere.
I would love to bike ride again. I love this post good family fun. B

susan m hinckley said...

For some reason I have not yet touched my bike this summer . . . WHAT THE WHAT??? Thanks for booting me off the couch, Leenie -- I'll have to rectify that situation this evening.

Sarah said...

Great variety of cycling situations. I am really missing riding my bike, but have come to the point where I am too scared to get on it. It is weird as I used to ride it all the time. Since being a driver this has tailed off and now I have not ridden it for about two years. I think I will buy a helmet as that might make me feel better. You have inspired me!

Elizabeth said...

Biking is such fun
so green so eco-friendly
something the whole family can do
you look like you all have fun with it!

This morning Robert and I biked down the WEst side
of Manhattan which has a bike path and good plantings
we went past the World Trade Center
Battery Park
and round to South Street Seaport.

So, when you are next in Manhattan, you can borrow our (rather ancient and bashed up) bikes. It is a really good way to see everything without getting too over tired (few hills --except in Central Park)

Anonymous said...

Such cute bike shots! And that is some steep hill!

As for the question about my photo - that is a hot air balloon in my shot.

lizziviggi said...

A lovely collection of bicycle photos! If I did the same search, I would find mostly local bikes parked in front of various pubs.

Anzu said...

We get a great feeling from cycling.
Taking a chance touring a bike with your family or friends is the most fun time than any one else. Thank you for sharing the cheerful cycling time with your friends who put a helmet on their head.