Friday, June 15, 2012


Why I'm scared to shop at Walmart



Why do we need a Num Lock key?

Why is it so impossible to make grocery tomatoes taste like garden tomatoes?

Why is it no matter how carefully you stir your hot breakfast cereal
there will always be at least one lump?

Why can't there be a mobile device screen we can read in the sunlight?

Why aren't there bagels that fit in toasters?

Why is toilet paper attracted to my shoes?

Why can Goofy talk but Pluto can't?


If you're tired of others looking down on you,
maybe it's time to grow up.

Less isn't more when you're standing next to someone
with a whole lot more.

Minds are like parachutes.  Just because you've lost yours
doesn't mean you can borrow mine.  And they work best
when they're open.

Nothing is solved when you get your knickers in a knot
and it makes you walk funny.


Anonymous said...

the numlock key activates the numerical key pad to the right of your key board....why they needed a numerical key pad when the numbers are all across the top of your keyboard is another question altogether.

Joanne Noragon said...

Pluto's too far out...I think.

Alica said...

Great chuckle before I head to bed! Thanks...I needed that! :)

Elizabeth said...

Wisdom indeed, dear Leenie!
These were such fun.
I think we have a similar sense of humor!

Terry and Linda said...

These were fun!

Thank you, Leenie!


TALON said...

Thank you for the smiles, Leenie (and those unanswerable questions) :)

Yesterday there was an ad in our local paper and my hubby passed it to me and said, "Do you think they'll get many applicants?"

The ad started with:

"12 ft people required immediately.."

Of course they meant Full Time, but it sure didn't read that way! :)

Val said...

In defense of the numerical key pad...we teachers use them ALL THE TIME for entering scores. It's much quicker than the top line of numbers. In fact, we all stomped our little feet after getting new laptops, until the IT guy got us each a number pad to plug in.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy these posts!

Anairam said...

And by the way, the correct answer is of course NOT purple, but green. (Lime green to be precise. Jeez, I hate it when I have to correct what should be BASIC maths knowledge...)

Leenie said...

Talon: Wonder why they needed so many12 ft people and why so soon? 8D

Anairam: Yes, of course, lime green. I should have remembered that from my last adventure with aliens, pancakes, apples and ice cubes.

Anonymous said...

Maths was never my strong point as a kid. In answer to those "if a train leaves a station at precisely 10.20 and heads west at x kilometres and hour, what time etc" I just used to write " who cares".
Worms in the rear is something I'd definitely care about though!

Linda Sue said...

and HA!
HA ha ha