Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DESOLATION--Inside Passage part 2

Desolation Sound is a deep water sound in British Columbia, Canada. It’s a favorite destination for boaters because of its spectacular fjords, mountains, and wildlife.

Prior to the arrival of Europeans the sound was inhabited for thousands of years by tribes of Native Americans.

The inside passage of what is now British Columbia, Canada was first charted in 1792.  Two expeditions led by Captains George Vancouver of England,  and Dionisio Galiano and Valdes y Flores from Spain arrived the same summer and cooperated in the mapping of the area.

Vancouver named Desolation Sound saying, “There was not a single prospect that was pleasing to the eye.” 

I think he was having a bad day. He’d been sent there to find a water passage across Canada—which didn’t exist, and had just discovered the Spanish had already been there months ahead of him.

Of course his living conditions probably weren’t as pleasant as ours.  Even though our cabins were “cozy;” the company was friendly, the ride on the restored boat was an adventure and a joy, and the food was the definition of delicious.

 Ballenas Light in the Strait of Georgia

After leaving Bellingham, Washington, and cruising through the San Juan Islands of Puget Sound, we stopped for provisions in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and then continued on across the Strait of Georgia.

Schooner being passed by a “Super Ferry” in the San Juan Islands

Though we got caught in a downpour in Nanaimo
most of the weather had been sunny or overcast with only a breeze to fill the sails of pleasure craft.


Anonymous said...

I think old George needed glasses.

Elizabeth said...

What an amazing spot!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I have to admit I am so darn jealous this is the part of Canada I have always dreamed of living since the very first time I seen it. Oh it is so rich with history and the view well enough said with your beautiful photos and video. So jealous.....Hug B

Anairam said...

Yep, he was grumpy or constipated, possibly. It looks lovely! PS Re your question below - weather out here today is beautiful clear skies, sun, no wind but a definite bite in the air!

Alica said...

I'm with Buttons...I'm a bit jealous! I'm glad though, to at least see pictures of this area through your camera lens. The boat you are on looks so...for lack of a better word...adorable! :)

Joanne Noragon said...

Old Vancouver didn't handle disappointment well, I'd say. Desolate is pretty low down.

TALON said...

Just stunning, Leenie! Photos and words. What a gorgeous trip that must have been. The only province I haven't visited in BC. I really need to get my act together!

Wishing you and your family a beautiful Fourth of July!

fishducky said...

Can we rename it Breathtaking Sound?

Val said...

Well, it must have taken a lot to please his eye. Or maybe he was nearsighted.

Carla said...

Oh yea, not one thing "pleasing to the eye" in any of those photos. :) Silly George.

Anzu said...

Beautiful scenery & Retro engine sound !!
If possible, I would like to sail away for your country with our furniture, household goods, and cats and a dog for a while.

Sarah said...

Very interesting. And now I know where Nanaimo is-it is where Carole lives-one of my blog friends. I have really enjoyed catching up on your holiday!