Sunday, January 19, 2014


 The Dahlies moved into their new house this weekend.  Their old home was a double wide with a redwood deck in a trailer park.

Now they have a three story townhouse with two bedrooms and a nursery.  It appears Salvador got a promotion.

  Their house was custom made by DH to fit in the corner of my bookcase—a birthday present for me.

Even with all that room there was more furniture left in storage.  It seems I’ve gone a little overboard on the doll house furniture collection.

Leelah has been busy arranging the place.  Her next step is wall paper, carpets and curtains.  She’s just glad she has a nice variety of colors to choose from.  Not like that trashy Barbie who only seems to like pink.

She’s been unpacking the kitchen and is pretty happy except for a lack of cupboard space.  But every kitchen seems to have that problem.  Cat is just glad they remembered to bring along his food dish.

Polly is keeping an eye on Wally who is thinking of ways to get out of his crib and down the stairs.

Molly is giving a little recital for Grandma Stella who has put down her knitting to get ready to applaud because that is what grandmas do.  Salvador is just glad the piano made it into the house intact and is wondering if the song should really sound like that or if he needs to call a tuner.

The Adventures of the Dahlies was an ongoing blog subject for a while back in 2011 and continued on occasionally after that.  For another episode of The Dahlies click here.

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TALON said...

Yay!! I love the Dahlies. And I'm thrilled that the promotion led to a new home and new adventures. :) Leelah is right - who wants to get stuck with bubblegum pink everything?

(DH did an amazing job)

fishducky said...

Our neighbors once painted their kitchen bright pink--we called it the "Pepto-Bismol kitchen"!!

Alica said...

Congratualtions to the Dahlies on their new home...looks lovely! I'd go for some green in the kitchen!

Unknown said...

Yay! I will have to come visiting! I will love to see the new house! It looks like way too much fun to miss!

Anzu said...

I like your doll's apartment house. It's a fancy collection. (*'▽'*)

Anonymous said...

Quite the step up from the trailer park.

Terry and Linda said...

You have an amazing collector dollhouse!


Linda Sue said...

Ohhh My dream house! My dream family, everyone so ...upright! DH did an excellent job, stairs fro Wally to fall down and everything! utterly cool! So glad for the promotion, for the families sake, and for keeping gramma supplied with yarn. Good things happen to good dahlies.

Val said...

Is it just me...or have the Dahlies stored junk in their attic?

Leenie said...

Val: Leelah is an Ebay addict. That's the main reason the Dahlies had to move.

Pearl said...

Oh, how I love doll houses!! I had one as a child, and I could spend HOURS making up the details of their little dolly lives...


Sarah said...

I was going to ask if you had bought the house or if it was built for that space-it is brilliant! Well done DH. You put me to shame-I have three dolls houses and lots of people and they are all stuffed full of a variety of furniture. I never seem to have time to do them but this year I am going to make time-if not for all three then at least one!
I like the all white gloss appearance of their interiors. I think they will be very happy in their new house.