Tuesday, February 10, 2015


The comic genius, Jerry Seinfled, has a routine on the secret life of socks.

“I admire socks.  They have great ambition, great drive.  How many times you do a big load of laundry, you go to the dryer, you take out your socks, you count them up—one of them got out!  He escaped.  He took off on his own.  What are his chances out there?  I don’t think they’re good.  Sometimes you see a dirty sock by the street there, just one sock.  It’s a sock that didn’t make it.  I don’t know how they escape.  They have their own ideas…”

I go for walks in the morning around town and occasionally see socks that didn’t make it.  But socks aren’t the only objects escaping.

One of the first things I stopped to photograph was a fork in the road.  I didn’t take it.

 Next I came across a fugitive spoon.

 Then another fork.

 And a snow-covered toothbrush.  Yes, a toothbrush has a good reason to make a break for a better life.

 Here we see two mismatched socks on the run.  Probably couldn’t get approval for a mixed marriage.  The next day they were gone.  I hope they found happiness.
Maybe this is their love child, although it doesn’t look much like either of them.

 A sweat sock that tried to make a break for it but came to a bitter end under a tree in the park.

 One snowy day I discovered a runaway shoe.

 Only a few days later, a sandal.  The long winter has been a challenge for all of us.

 Melting snow has uncovered a whole bunch of escapees.  You know.  You keep your gloves in your pocket and one day you discover one is gone. 

 This one may even be trying to point the way to the glove promise land.

Now almost every day I see another glove.

 Where are they trying to go?

 What are they escaping from?

 Just one lone glove at a time.

 If I came around in the dark would they be crawling along with their fingers?

 And here’s a baby glove--left behind and abandoned in the street far from a clothes dryer or even a house.  Only questions.  No real answers to the mystery.


fishducky said...

A little quirky, but that's probably why I liked this post SO MUCH!!

joeh said...

Fishducky nailed it, quirky, but very funny!

Val said...

Between a fugitive spoon, and another fork...I think you captured the elusive spork!

Anzu said...

Funny! d( ̄◇ ̄)b
Let's make a humorous pair.

Anonymous said...

I can see these articles, forced into 'pairhood' by perfect strangers trying to make a break for it. Shoes, socks, gloves, mittens, parts of flatwear sets...there is always that odd man out who feels he/she/it doesn't really fit in. What's really sad is to pass a large chair sitting on the curb..I mean...who's going to give it a ride?

Joanne Noragon said...

Years and years ago, driving somewhere with my young daughter beside me in the front seat I watched her remove her shoes, then her socks. Then she reached over and opened the window vent. She took one sock delicately between two fingers and held it out the vent. It fluttered briefly, she deliberately let go. She repeated the process with the other sock. She picked up a shoe. I stopped her.

Terry and Linda said...

This is was very cute and funny! I loved it!

Linda ❤⊱彡