Thursday, October 18, 2012

Road Trip Part 12: GIANTS

There was no doubt we had crossed the line.  
We‘d gone all the way down the Oregon Coast 
and had wandered into California.

We were planning on visiting Redwood National Park, but when we saw the California price of gasoline was fifty cents a gallon more and the big redwood trees had been turned into a tacky, expensive roadside attraction for crowds of tourists; we made a quick turn-around in the parking lot of Trees of Mystery theme park.  Of course we had to take a photo or two of life-sized Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.  By the way I always thought Babe was a girl.  Nope.  I had to walk all over the place to get a decent photo angle on him.  The adolescent boys in the lower left were going for the opposite view and loving it.

Another sure sign we were in California.

So instead of Redwood National Park we went through Jedediah Smith State Park, still on the California side of the border, but not nearly as crowded.  The redwood groves there are considered, “the most scenic in existence.”

According to“The park isn't known for the height of its trees, but it does have many of the world's largest redwoods by volume, and on the best trails trees of truly stupendous size are set among smaller redwoods.”

BIG Trees.

REALLY big trees.

Yet their branches carry the most delicate boughs of lacy needles.

We were running way short on vacation time 


Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I am in love those big massive red woods make my heart all a flutter. B

Brian King said...

Holy cow! Those are huge! What magnificent trees! That's something I'd like to see one day.

Joanne Noragon said...

It's been more than thirty years since I drove down hightway 101 saw redwoods. I don't remember Paul and Babe. If they were there then, there were far less impressive.

Sarah said...

Those trees are amazing. I would love to see them. They are so awe inspiring. I am always very impressed by trees, the older and bigger the better!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous trees! When we encountered a very large concrete ram on holiday, Malcolm said "make sure you get his b***s in the photo"!!

Anonymous said...

The size of those trees boggles the mind.

Val said...

Ooh! I feel faint. Nature's majesty takes my breath away. And I'm not talking about Babe.

Anairam said...

Those red wood trees are pretty amazing! How old are they to get so huge? Anyway, I don't like queues either - if I can, I turn around. No point in going where the masses go, how can you properly commune with nature when there are thousands of people clambering over you?

Pearl said...

I have always wanted to see one of those trees, in person. Tried to work it into a trip west a couple years ago but just couldn't cover the requisite distance.

Still want to see one of those trees in person.


troutbirder said...

Wow! Those are really big tree. And here I though Paul B was a Minnesota boy...:)

Terry and Linda said...

Someday..................they are on my bucket list!