Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Road Trip Part Eleven: FOOD

Salmon creole soup, spring greens salad and savory muffins---

---stir-fried red potatoes, grilled salmon with lemon wedges, foccacia with rosemary---

---fresh fruit trays (note the little apple swan), three berry tarts, flank steak with wild rice, ---

---warm croissants and pan au chocolate, 
various kinds of cookies and sour dough bread hot from the oven---

---this oven, in Christine Smith’s kitchen.  Assistant chef, Juliette, is featured in this photo.

After five days of meals like this on the MV David B, 
it was quite a let-down to return to the cold world of road food.

We discovered for some reason most eateries were closed for lunch on Mondays in Port Townsend.  We finally gave in and had hot dogs with everything and drag-it-through-the-garden at a little outdoor diner near the waterfront.

Then there were two days of Stuff from the Cooler in the Subaru such as: Tillamook yogurt, (very good) cheese sticks, Fiber One bars, apples; plus my favorite--Cherry pull-and-peel Twizzlers and DH’s preference, corn nuts.

So after we had played find Waldo the Sculpin ---

--got up close and personal with the octopus (those eyes!), watched them feed the seals and played with the crabs and sea anemones at the Seaside Aquarium; we washed our hands and asked the lady at the gift shop to recommend a good place to eat.

She sent us two blocks down the street to Norma’s.

I had the combo platter:  battered and fried salmon, cod and halibut with slaw and fries dipped in malt vinegar.  The only thing that could make the meal better was—

Mocha mud pie.

I wanted to lick the plate.

A short video of Christine at work in her kitchen by another passenger: 


Alica said...

Mocha Mud Pie! Nothing more necessary to say...... :)

Anzu said...

Your post satisfies me with a hearty appetite.
Let's eat without thinking stored body fat !o(⌒囗⌒)oΨ