Thursday, April 27, 2017

National Poetry Month Day Twenty-Seven

Prompt:  Write a poem that incorporates as many of these “ugliest sounding words in the English language” as you can:  gurgle, curd, chunky, bulbous, munch, clogged, jowls, slurp, quark, honk, crotch, juror, sap, gripe, angst, gob, funk, jukebox, crackpot, bulge, Sputnik.  Extra credit:  Work in 3 or 4 of these most pleasant sounding words: chimes, lullaby, mist, murmuring, golden, wisteria, Shenandoah.

 Phatic Chit-chat

Hello, Sputnik Sap.
How are you? You bulbous, gob of moist phlegm.
Nice to meet you, too, Buttmunch. Let's do lunch sometime.
A penny for your thoughts, Curd.
Oh, back to the misty drawing board,
You know, barking up the wrong funking tree.
Well, no use slurping over spilt milk.
Yeah, I’ll cross that angst when I come to it.
But I may have bitten off more chunks than I can chew
Unless I decide to let sleeping gripes lie.
So, let me know if there’s anything I can chime in,
But don’t quit your crackpot job.
Oh, don’t add bilge to injury.
You know you can drop by our clogged lodge any time.
Yeah, have a rotten day!
Golden has left the building.

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